LEGO City Undercover dev says the team wanted to avoid making a GTA game, scrapped zombie mechanic

LEGO City Undercover may feature an open world, but it’s not overly comparable to Grand Theft Auto. It turns out that this was intentional.

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badz149583d ago

worst justification EVER! it's a LEGO know, where your imagination is the limit, but they limited the game mechanic for as hard as they can. don't get me wrong, I like the game, Platinumed it on the PS4 BUT the game has so much potential but they also put so many restrictions into the game, I feel all the time I should be able to do something but the devs decided that I can't.

oh and yes...the draw distance SUCKS in this game even on PS4. I can understand if it's ground-up made for the new-gen but this is a Wii U port, the PS4 should have no problem running rounds around this game but the devs just didn't care. tons of collectibles but most of the time, hampered by the terrible draw distance and texture pop-ins. and not to forget constant crashing, glitches, collectibles not registering, and trophy glitch...very frustrating! I had to do a 2nd run just to Platinum this thing due to the story trophy glitch! My advice, if you are gonna play this game co-op, the drop-in drop-out nature of the game will make you lose you chance for story trophies if you're not there from start to finish. the way the story mission is not setup properly to chapters is also annoying as hell.

Gameseeker_Frampt582d ago

Either you can't read or you really do think that you should be able to shoot people with guns in a LEGO game since that is the game mechanic that "they limited." Perhaps use your imagination next time and imagine that you are shooting people with guns GTA style in a LEGO game.

LEGO City Undercover is an amazing game and one of the best in both LEGO games and games on the WiiU (except for the load times).

badz149582d ago

There is a ray gun in the game and it can shoot anything to make things explode. I don't remember much but you can shoot people with ray hun too, right? Lego Marvel super hero and batman 2 are way superior than this game

ToddlerBrain582d ago

Lego zombies would have been amazing.

ElementsUnknown582d ago (Edited 582d ago )

Where is the sequel for this game?! So many believe this is the best lego game yet there has been no follow up. Did LCU not sell well? Are the licensed games more profitable? What gives?