Court Orders RomUniverse to Destroy Pirated Nintendo Games and Stay Offline

A California federal court has ordered the operator of the now-defunct pirate site RomUniverse to destroy all copyright-infringing games within two weeks. The court initially denied the request for a permanent injunction but changed its position after Nintendo warned about a potential comeback of the site.

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roadkillers62d ago

... why isn't there a Wario kart for Mario Kart Live?

strayanalog62d ago

I would imagine because he's busy with the next WarioWare and any game that's longer than 5 seconds goes against his principles.

Zerobalance62d ago

Fritangaplays gonna love all that Pony salt.

XabiDaChosenOne61d ago

Are you talking about the dude that uses the N word and got his girlfriend banged by his brother?

FlameWater62d ago

ROM sites will never die, they garner way too much support

blackblades61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

True, you can always find them no matter what. Nintendo needs to give up, no one wants to keep rebuying there games. Also there are systems that can play the hard copy if you still got them. Lucky I still got all systems and those retrocons.

Knightofelemia62d ago

The moment you shut one site down two or three more sites pop up


Yup, Nintendo will never be ahead and let's not forget torrent sites that have been hosting their roms for years LOL

XxINFERNUSxX62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

This does not do anything LOL. There are Nintendo roms on all torrent sites for so many years, plus look at this: This is which has so many rom sets of so many consoles but no one bothers them. 😁🤣 What's funny is Nintendo or anyone else will never win, because again, torrent sites and lets not forget Newsgroups. I have thousands of roms for almost every console so easy to get.

Michiel198961d ago

and you are also able to click links on torrent sites, we got the message now. people do this stuff for 15+ years now, its nothing special and we all have google to find these sites if we want.

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