Video games defy credit crunch as people stay at home

Consumers are turning to electronic fitness workouts and online fantasy worlds to take their minds off the bleak economic climate, according to analysts. Analysts say with more than 75m Nintendo Wiis, Xbox 360s and PlayStation 3s in the market, games software publishers are feeling the benefit of an installed base of console owners. Falling component costs are enabling price cuts that make the latest consoles, like the Wii, more affordable.

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Jecht3628d ago


But in all seriousness, I'm not surprised. Gamers, especially veterans, are very loyal to their love of gaming. It's a habit that will die hard, if it ever came to it, for a lot of people. So, it's not surprising that the current economy isn't having much of an impact on the gaming industry.

And the funny thing is, it's likely the hardcore gamers who spend thousands a year on gaming that are keeping it afloat, as opposed to the casuals who may by en masse once and then not again for awhile.

FantasyStar3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I think it's stupid that casuals think that the Wii can replace regular workouts. I thought we were this gullible because we're so ****ing fat, but I guess the UK thinks so too. Or someones' forcefeedin' em these lies. Show me statistics that the Wii is a valid solution towards losing weight and I'll cancel my 24 hour fitness membership. You can "pretend" to play Hoola-hoop, or any Wii-sports, but the real thing will always be better physically and mentally. Unless you're unable to go outside due to physical conditions or mental conditions: there's really no excuse to substitute the real thing for kiddy Wii methods.

Seriously, people act as if doing push-ups at home, or any form of cardio costs money. That people want to spend more money to do less, but still feel just as good. How....lazy. On the bright side, I suppose this is better than nothing.

Jecht3627d ago

The funniest part is that Miyamoto said that WiiFit was never meant to be a replacement for actual exercise, it was just supposed to be a game.

Sitdown3628d ago

Are you serious? How different is Wii Fit from Tae-bo or work out videos in general? Even fitness instructors have reported on how great wii fit can be, and at the very is a great supplement to other workouts. Have you thought that perhaps playing it in a video game becomes the real thing both physically and mentally...and doing on the Wii could actually be better? Example...lets say the video game tells me that I need to move a little faster than I would need to in real life to keep the hoola hoop going......well in that since I would work harder than I would if I actually had a real hoola hoop around my waist. That is the great thing about video can manipulate your perception of how hard you need to work.

"Seriously, people act as if doing push-ups at home, or any form of cardio costs money. That people want to spend more money to do less, but still feel just as good."

Perhaps you are minimizing the ability of Wii Fit to serve as a coach to encourage people on.....and also its ability, even if minimal, to teach people to exercises and stretches appropriately.