Blind Item: Why Sony's Not Funding Huge PS3 Sequel

Over at Kotaku, the Pointing Fish says: Rumors have been swirling that a highly anticipated PS3 game will make its way to the Xbox 360. Sources say they are 99.99999 percent certain that the game won't appear on the Xbox 360. It's a sequel, and the game's maker has funded all of the pricey promo trailers out of its own pocket, receiving nothing from Sony. The reason for this blind PS3 gung-ho support? The creator apparently views American game consoles as inferior and is hesitant to get tangled up in a distant US corporate hierarchy.

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sa739174907d ago

It starts off by saying "rumours are that a highly anticipated PS3 game WILL make its way to Xbox360". Then it says "sources say they are 99.99% certain the game WON'T appear on Xbox360"..

So which is it?

UrbanJabroni4907d ago

I realize it is Kotaku and all, but this is a vague rumor with vague information. Thanks Kotaku!

BIadestarX4907d ago

Is it Kojima? Who ever it is it's all good. It's always good for some developers to be fanboys and act like 1st party developers or are bias against Microsoft for being American. But hey who are they hurting? Last time I checked they are the ones not making money while others like Epic and Capcom are enjoing the extra cash.

The great 14907d ago

More 2 te point what is sequel, that would be more interesting?

DJ4907d ago

He doesn't view the 360 as an inferior games console, unlike the person they're referring to. The article seems to contradict itself too. Oh well, it is Kotaku after all.

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The story is too old to be commented.