Gameplanet: Wii Music Review

Gameplanet writes: "As a reviewer, you have to find both the good points and the bad points about any game.

With the top-notch titles it can be difficult to find the negative points without being really anal about the odd loading time or the texture you saw pop up in the third dungeon on Level 3.

Wii Music is the opposite. I've been putting off writing this review, despite the increasing aggravation from the Editor, due to the fact I just couldn't think of anything positive to say about it – not even in sarcasm."

+Will keep the kids and Grandma occupied on Boxing Day morning
+Sharing creations online is clever

-Too little too late
-You'll need four remotes and four nunchucks to get the full benefit

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CrippleH3600d ago

A- from 1UP is massive fail for 1UP's Credibility.

ChickeyCantor3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Actually the reviewer was a musician if i recall correctly, and took it from a different perspective.
Just because they don't share the same opinion as you do, they are false by default?

Thats what i don't like about this nonsense, when they hand out a 10 to a game you like they are the greatest reviewers in your book(no matter what they say in their reviews) but when someone gives a high score to a game you don't like you all go:" FAIL ", " Credibility ", they are "insert insult".

(I'm talking in general not directly towards you).

Get real will ya?

kyleg3600d ago

that is why i don't have a wii. i don't like kid games.
and how many good hardcore games do they have not many. wait do they even have one??????

Xander-RKoS3600d ago

Why don't people comment when Wii Music actually gets a 7 or above?

ChickeyCantor3600d ago

Exactly, i have been wondering that for a long time now.