How to rank up in Gears of War 2

Ken Barnes writes:

"We pay attention to what's being searched for on our site, and judging by the amount of searches that have come in for it, folks seem to be completely confused by Gears of War 2's ranking system and how they go about gaining higher ranks. So, we'll see if we can't put it to bed right now."

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3599d ago
retrofly3599d ago

So your rank is based on your skill? No way!!!

lokiroo4203599d ago

To put it in other words beat those who win consistently, true skill system, now thats laughable.

JeffGUNZ3599d ago

So, someone, with 1 bar, with an awful connection where the game lags and you can barely play, can beat me with 3 bars and they are considered better? I think this system only works well on dedicated servers, not the BS system EPIC uses.

OOG3599d ago

if the person lags most likely they will get killed because the game tends to favor the stronger connections

Fishy Fingers3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Sounds to me like a similar set up to Halo 2/3. Win, beat better players (higher rank) your Rank will increase, lose, especially to worse players (lower ranks) and you Rank will decrease.

Why they don't follow a simple XP systems is beyond me, its far simpler, plus, like back in the Halo days, your friend might be against letting you play on their console in fear you'll effect their ranks.

It's a pretty poor system really, I see the idea, you Rank constantly reflects your skill so to maintain a good rank you must be consistent, but there are just to many holes in it for my tastes.

Also, what about Horde? Until they fix they match making and I can search for a single gametype, Horde is all I play. So my Rank will not increase?

RudeSole Devil3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Why so serious?? How can you be skilled at a broken game? Gears 2 is plagued with glitches making it very hard wanting to play. The smoke grenade stunning you is a terrible idea. Sticking grenades to walls or people works a lot better. But the stun animation looks like sh!t, and breaks the game continuously. Gears 1 was a much better game all around and Cliffy is taking the Gears rush to seriously. If I cared about ranked matches or playing professional then ranking and all that other bull might matter to me. But for people that just want to play a couple of games here and there makes the experience suck. Forcing player to stay in matches is retarded and if you want to degrade my rank form exiting a match go ahead. But forcing people to exit to the dashboard because you don't want to play execution is unacceptable.

S1CKLY3599d ago

Gears2 is far from 'broken'. There are a lot of glitches for such a big name game, yes, but it's still really fun online and people generally don't glitch.

Besides.. what else would you expect from Epic? Apparently they can't make a game without making it glitchy as f**k.

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