Activision Sending Content Creators Call of Duty Vanguard Teasers

It seems the hype train is now starting to roll its way out, as Activision has started to reach out to content creators about Call of Duty Vanguard.

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SlothLordPootus63d ago

It seems so late in the year for the reveal. The silence thus far has been strange.

excaliburps63d ago

Very. Like, this is the latest we've ever heard of any COD reveal...weird.

Profchaos62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Call of duty black ops cold war was revealed on August 27 2020 everybody said exactly the same thing that it was going to suck Activision wasnt happy with the progress the team made etc.

It's August 15 do if we don't hear anything by the 27tg it will be the latest reveal

TheEnigma31362d ago

Because they’re running out of ideas

gamesftw25063d ago

agreed, 2042 is the hype train.

Orbilator62d ago

I disagreed with you on this, but not because I'm not looking forward to infinite a lot. But because the hype train is there for the wrong reason. It was an awful reveal and it's has been on the gaze of most people because of the disaster it was. The Multiplayer tech test was a step in the right direction. But we all still waiting to see the story and the improved visuals from that console they told me was the most powerful when I bought it.

Gosh it needs to be good but I'm not putting any faith in it to be great untill I actually see the reviews, they let me down with it once already.

TheColbertinator62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Tuning into 2042 this year. Even Rainbow Six pushed me away with their new announcement of Infection.

Profchaos62d ago

Infection looked boring and the E3 presentation was sleep inducing

TheColbertinator62d ago

I expected it to be bad but not that bad