Remedy: Control Has Passed 10M Players, “Bigger-Budget’ Control Game in Conception Phase

Remedy Entertainment has announced that Control has surpassed over 10 million playes, and that a "bigger-budget" Control game is in the concept stage.

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sourOG64d ago

I like that control didn’t take 150 hours to beat. I hope they keep the same scale and pacing despite a bigger budget.

excaliburps64d ago

It already felt like AAA, though. So bigger budget is for what? Maybe baking in multiplayer (Condor) or something?

Darkwatchman64d ago

I don’t know. The conversations/animations were pretty awkward. The least polished interactions in a Remedy game. They were like open world rpg levels of awkward. Heck, I’d say even some like the Witcher 3, had more polished in-game conversation scenes

TheDoomedGuy64d ago


I didn't notice anything worse than in the assassin's Creed dialogue.

So that still means it's in the "triple a" area

yardank63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Remedy already announced a Control multiplayer game, that is most likely what they’re mentioning.

Edit: I should read the article before commenting. :( I guess Condor is supposed to be a separate project?

toxic-inferno64d ago

I agree - any longer and it would have not felt as tight an experience.

With that said, a roguelike mode would work well for Control's sequel.

medman64d ago

Glad to hear it...I really enjoyed Control Ultimate Edition on PS5

SenorFartCushion64d ago

And didn’t need any microtransactions

zsquaresoff64d ago

It's an awesome game and a fairly easy platinum trophy with 1 playthrough.

SullysCigar64d ago

This was my first thought too. It was on PS Plus lol

Pleased for them, but still..

Father__Merrin64d ago

Played means played via subscription etc not paying a unit price for it. Some mobile games are shoddy but might have 50 million people who "played it"

We need units sold so we know how many people put thier own cash up to experience the developers vision

NeoGamer23264d ago (Edited 64d ago )

And it is currently on GamePass. It doesn't matter what subscription services it was/is on. It still got 10 mln to jump in. With the sequel getting a bigger budget, it must have been a commercial success too. You don't up the budget if it isn't a commercial success.

Personally, I am more looking forward to an Alan Wake sequel or even a re-make of the original.

Sayai jin63d ago

Why do you need to know how many units sold?

SullysCigar63d ago

^ why do you need to know how many players a single player game has had?

NeoGamer23263d ago (Edited 63d ago )

@Sayal jin
Because many gamers here don't understand the difference between commercial (financial) success and quantity sold at retail.

I would rather have a couple of contracts with PSN+ and GamePass with Side sales that paid me a total of $700 mln then sell 10 mln units with a average sell price of $40 making me $400 mln. The whole conversation on units sold for games is a waste of time now. Because when the game is on these subscription services we don't know how much they are getting paid. It is more important to understand what they mean by "players" then it is to understand game sales now. If "players" is the number of gamers that have played half the game that is something big... If it is number of gamers who booted up the game it means less but how much less we don't really know for sure.

Since Remedy is a private held company we will probably never know how much the game really made. But judging by their contract with Epic and their statement that the next game has a bigger budget, that is all good news.

Sayai jin63d ago

@SullysCigar, where did I ask about the need to know how many players a single player game has had? I'll wait...

@NeoGamer232, oh my question was for Father_Merrin. I have been a member on this site since 2006 to share and keep up on gaming news, because my kids became gamers around this time. I still try to keep up with the news since all kids are still gamers as well as myself. I do know from experience on this site that most people use numbers to brag, down play, etc. I own stock in several companies including MSFT and SONY, and I don't pay too much attention to these numbers, I just look at quarterly earnings and specific attention to ROIs of the companies I invest in.

I am sure you know how many on this site use these numbers.

SullysCigar63d ago

^ okay, you keep waiting and avoiding the point.

Sayai jin62d ago

You asked "why do you need to know how many players a single player game has had?" Again, when did I ask that question. You asked a question, as in the question mark. Avoiding a point? A point is a statement not a question.

SullysCigar61d ago

My God you're one boring pedant lmfao

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