Telegraph: BioShock Review

Telegraph writes: "Having finally been given the chance to sample the magnificent BioShock, one of 2007's finest 360 and PC titles, PS3 owners are being further rewarded for their patience with some exclusive downloadable content (DLC). Released on PSN, November 20th for £6.29 BioShock's 'Challenge Room' DLC features three new game modes: The I in Team; Worlds of Hurt and A Shocking Turn of Events.

We got the chance to check out Challenge Rooms recently, and any excuse to return to the creepy underwater city of Rapture is most welcome. First up was Worlds of Hurt, a survival type game mode where you have to take on ever tougher groups of enemies in order to save the Little Sisters. You begin in a central hub, its circumference lined with locked doors. At the centre of the hub lies every type of vending machine available in the full game -first aid, weapons, tonics and plasmid machines (the 'magic' powers used throughout the game). Unfortunately, as you enter World of Hurt, you are unarmed and penniless, with only one door open to you. "

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