Age of Empires is getting a mobile version

Tencent's Timi Studios (known for games like COD Mobile, Pokemon Unite) is working with Xbox Game studios and Subsidiary World's Edge to adapt Age Empires IP for mobile platforms. The game is being developed under the title 'Return to Empire.'

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TheSinsibleOne74d ago

Yet no console version 🙄. Ffs everyone loved it on the ps2.

itBourne74d ago

Who plays an RTS with a controller? Ewww thats just plain wrong

Ristul74d ago

It would be perfect for switch tbh.

TheHan74d ago

@itBourne: What cringing little cry baby wants to bitch about something that doesn’t affect them.

Chriswheeler2274d ago

For non competitive players obviously

ocelot0774d ago

Wow and no port for Xbox.

AnotherGamer74d ago

Least we can stop those stupid Rise of Empire ads rip offs.

TheHan74d ago

Many people would love to have AOE on console, Xbox is seriously dropping the ball on this.

SEO6969d ago

I still Aoe I. it is very familiar and is my childhood memory