Report: Call of Duty Vanguard Release Date, Warzone Reveal Event Rewards Leaked via Season 5 Data

Cal of Duty Vanguard release date is tagged for November 5, as that and the Warzone reveal for Vanguard and its rewards have surfaced from Season 5's patch.

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autobotdan64d ago

When is there going to be a Call of Duty on World War 4?

excaliburps64d ago

If this one flops maybe? I'd guess the next COD?

autobotdan64d ago

World War 4 was a important part of world history. Alot happened during World War 4

rakentaja64d ago

The world must catch up first and start World War 3 first so we can eventually move to 4.

excaliburps64d ago

LOL! They can name it World War 6 for all I care, as long as it's good. xD