Will touch screen technology kill the mouse?

Telepgraph writes: "Forty years ago this week, the computer mouse made its first public appearance at a technology gathering in San Francisco.

The device was the brainchild of Doug Engelbart and his team at Stanford Research Institute in California, who were looking for a new way to control their computers. Before the mouse scrolled its way onto the scene, the team had been using light pens, similar to those favoured by radar operators during the war, to navigate around their screens."

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gw4k3628d ago

No! Simple as that. The mouse will be around for a very long time. Can you imagine playing COD6 with a touch screen. Come on.

People need to stop thinking of crap to write about!

lokiroo4203628d ago

That and what do you want to wear down first a mouse or your screen, Ill take the mouse thanks!

PoSTedUP3628d ago

no i just tried it and my arm got tired after 6 seconds.

CrippleH3628d ago


Touch screen is for noobs.

bviperz3628d ago

Don't know about everybody else but I don't like smearing my screen with my fingers. How the hell am I supposed to enjoy the eye candy with smudges all over?!

wibble3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Large touch screens sound too much like hard work.

With the mouse we can do so much just by wiggling our wrist slightly.