Telegraph: Nintendo Cooking Guide Review

Telegraph writes: "When the new Nintendo Cooking Guide was launched recently for £29, some claimed that it would make the traditional cookbook forever obsolete. Given that I am something of a cookbook fetishist – there are almost as many books in our kitchen as our library – I was not an obvious candidate for conversion. But with Christmas approaching, and a mountain of cooking ahead of me, any means of getting ahead of the game was more than welcome.

The first serious hurdle was wrenching the boys' portable Nintendo DS console from their sweaty and reluctant fists. Having eventually succeeded, I was confronted – after inserting the disc – by a cartoon chef, the animated figure that guides you through the game. He is a short, round, nursery-teacher sort of a soul, clapping his podgy hands and crooning "Well done!" as you make it to the end of each set of instructions – a weird combination of Mario and Antony Worrall Thompson. "

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