50 Skills Every Real Geek Should Have

Maximum PC staff writes:

"Back in our September 2008 issue, we published a list of 9 Skills Every Nerd Needs – a lighthearted examination of the essential abilities Maximum PC readers should have in their geek arsenal. We still stand by that list, but we were somewhat one-upped last month when we saw that Gizmodo had since run its own list of 50 key geek skills. Their list was very respectable, but we thought that we could do better by not only expanding and refining our original story, but actually teaching you these skills. The highest echelon of geeks will be able to do everything in this list, and this is by no means a full categorization of the complete geek skillset – only what we consider to be the most indispensable abilities. Have anything to add to our list? Post it in the comments!"

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littletad3603d ago

I can do 23 things on that list? Does this mean I'm a geek, mud-blood, or Klingon?

Skerj3603d ago

Around 30 here, half of which I do regularly. Wear your badge with honor son!!

micro_invader3603d ago

I'm not a nerd, I can barely do three of those things :(

uie4rhig3603d ago

does that mean i am one? hmm

Tony999Montana3603d ago

I'm guessing social skills isn't one of them :P


wow, i can hardly do anything on that list...

guess i am not a geek after all. still i know when it comes to playing games i do rape !

COD4 my no 1 at the moment... according to my mum i was born with a
RED DOT in one eye and an M16 for my right arm.

i don't know about fixing motherboards, but it won't help you if we face off on live ;-)

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