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The Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood Review of this latest DLC expansion to world that adds new events to take part in alongside some expansive quests providing fresh adventures.

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anast75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Why are these DLC so expensive, when they obviously make a ton through the crown store. ESO is okay, for some relaxing throw away entertainment. But everything in the game cost a lot of money to force people toward their "H#$ subscription model. If they released the boot off the neck just a bit, ESO would be way better than Skyrim.

TheRealTedCruz75d ago

Honestly, they aren't charging people to play monthly, and I think their expansion prices are fair.
They have their sub model, which gives sine benefits, but you can play a whole lot of content for minimal cost.

anast74d ago

I payed for the "Unlimited one" (not the sub) which only came with 3 of the oldest DLC. You are right it is a ton of old content, but a DLC for $50 (approx.) is quite expensive. Just to get one set of armor from their store you have to buy the $40 (approx.) crown pack, because the $20 (approx.) one won't quite get you there. Then combine that with $50 DLC so you can actually play more than one area, older areas that have been worn out and paid for, the prices are really high actually. It's hard to believe that people don't break down and get the sub, because the cost of not doing so is insane, which is my point.

At any rate, I'm getting ready to play some ESO, it is the best MMO I have played so far, even though the combat is know.

Are there any other good MMO out there?

CBaoth74d ago

don't know from personal experience but a good friend, longtime WoW player, bought FF14 after the last expansion. He hasn't played WoW since. Read Tapani's post below. Research it and you'll see a lot of posts around the net echoing the same sentiment.

anast74d ago

I keep hearing about that one. I think I might have to migrate. lol

Viljong75d ago

Is eso worth for the ps5? I like elder of scrolls and miss world of warcraft so much from pc.

Tapani75d ago

Try FFXIV! I've loved it so far, and this is coming from a person who started with Dark Age of Camelot and WoW back in the day. It's the only MMORPG that has a really good story, the only MMORPG that gives you goose bumps! You have to suffer through the Realm Reborn content, the first 30-40 hours, but don't miss the main storyline stuff, it will get superb at level 45 and after!