Battlefield 2042 Executions in Third-Person, Gunplay, TTK & More Details From Tech Test Revealed

Battlefield 2042 executions are in third-person! Details on gunplay, TTK, movement and weapons revealed via the Tech Test.

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Majin-vegeta75d ago

The game shaping up to be a banger

excaliburps74d ago

Yep. BF4 vibes. Cannot wait. I just hope there's enough content available at launch.

Nitrowolf274d ago

Yep, liking what I’m hearing so far

WackoDaSniper74d ago

Cant wait to host a Bad Company 2 only server

blacktiger67d ago

IM IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jbrock1174d ago

I'm loving the more faster paced movement this time around. That's one of the things I feel COD had an advantage on Battlefield over the years and this year it looks like Battlefield is stepping up their game in the movement department.

DaCajun74d ago

Yep let's just turn what used to be a good large scale team based somewhat tactical game into another COD clone.

Vegamyster74d ago

Wanting a faster and more fluid movement system that a competitor has doesn’t imply he wants a straight clone with no tactical gameplay on tiny maps lol.

DaCajun74d ago

How fast is too fast, where it becomes just another twitch shooter and no longer tactical? I'm all for more natural fluid motion but Battlefield tended to border more on the realistic than arcadey in the past. Lately it's been going more arcadey and less and less realistic. I don't want it to be Arma type realistic but I don't like COD arcadey style speed, unrealistic movements, or shooting in my Battlefield.

Vegamyster72d ago

Nothing they've shown looks like Call of Duty, all he suggested was the improved movement system, given some of the maps are over 5KM and the ones we've seen so far are quite large i don't see where the concern is.

blacktiger67d ago

AND FAKE fast pace move! It's called RUNNING AND GUNNING

Mikehunt74d ago

Trash playtest. Capped at 30 FPS on pc like really how TF do u enjoy a game fast pace like that I know the game in test mode but alreast uncap it

Fluke_Skywalker74d ago

It's capped to remove variables from the test.

frostypants74d ago

Third person executions? Ugh. This isn't what I play BF for....

TheRealTedCruz74d ago

You only play BF for 1st person executions?

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The story is too old to be commented.