Everyone should play Hades at least once

If you pay attention to what’s going on in the world of gaming, then there’s a very high chance that you’ve at least heard of Hades. The latest game from Supergiant, the creators of the almighty Bastion, Transistor, and the incredibly underrated but equally exceptional Pyre, brings all of the incredible flair and masterful gameplay that the devs are known for and wrangles it into a roguelike.

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TheOptimist75d ago

Hades feels like the culmination of all the good work Supergiant Games have done over the past decade and they very well deserve the success they got with Hades.

Bathyj75d ago

That's honestly all we want and should expect from a good developer.

zachyBROosevelt75d ago

Like Returnal was for Housemarque. Very good way to put it, well spoken

iplay1up275d ago

Looking forward to it. It is included with Game Pass day 1. Absolutely will check it out!

darthv7275d ago

okay... now you are getting annoying.

Palitera75d ago

Why? I have prebought it on PS5, but being on Game Pass day 1 is awesome, relevant and, definitely, reason for him to be happy.
TBH, the annoyance says more about you than about him. Or it being on Game Pass...

Jin_Sakai75d ago

“okay... now you are getting annoying.“

Agreed. He can’t talk about the game without mentioning Game Pass is every single article.

iplay1up275d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I am happy. For awhile there was not much new coming to Xbox. I still haven't found a PS5 at MSRP. Now the Xbox games are finally ramping up. Why shouldn't I talk about it? It isn't like you even need an Xbox for Game Pass. I have it on my PC, tablets and phone too.

Bathyj75d ago

It annoying cos you sound like an ad. And a shill. Talk about how good the game is. You don't need to sell gamepass.

traumadisaster75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Right, but that’s ok for him to brag a bit and throw it your face and equally ok for you to call him out.

Sounds like normal human one-upmanship that’s been going on since toddlers began to run.

As far as the game if it weren’t on gp I’d never buy it.

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NeoGamer23275d ago

Do you work for Microsoft? That is the only reason i can see for making that post.

Good-Smurf75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

You don't have to be salesman in every comment, Game Pass this and that you'd only push away people tried to shove GS in their faces.
I got fed up with GTA V mods come up on my facebook feed daily same with Apple ads.
Please don't be like that.

LoveSpuds75d ago

You could support the devs (and the wider industry) properly by buying the game and stopping MS from earning from all the devs hard work.

TheRealTedCruz75d ago

Didn't the devs agree to the deal, therefore looking at putting themselves on gamepass as a benefit, being they are a business?

alb189975d ago

Nice, I didn't know it, I'll try it.

Father__Merrin74d ago

Mentioning Gamepass has become almost cult like now.

TheRealTedCruz74d ago

It's a good service.
That's like people recommending Google because it's useful, and having an issue with saying as much.

TheHan74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

@iplay1up2: Love the Xbox gamepass, able to play it day 1 is a no brainer. Loving the game! It’s a absolutely blast, the dialogue of the characters and the story is fun the game leaves me wanting to play more. Don’t worry about the hostile/toxic people, they can’t stand someone else being happy.

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darthv7275d ago

Yeah I will give it a shot. It might surprise me, as Im not real big on rogue games.


Give Risk of Rain 2 a shot if you catch it on sale. That game changed my perspective on roguelikes.

camel_toad75d ago

I've tried plenty of roguelikes and roguelites. The only ones that have really and truly kept my attention were Dead Cells and Hades.

Elda75d ago

The Binding Of Issac & definitely Dead Cells started it for me.

Epicor75d ago

I hate rogue games as a concept and wasn't sure how I'd like this game. Got it to my Switch few months ago and I've been ABSOLUTELY loving it! This game has stolen around half of my playtime (other half being on PS5). Give it a shot. You won't regret it!

Gianoni3375d ago

Amazing game. Over 100h on switch. I high recommend to anyone at least try it.

Tapani75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Can I ask why is Hades so highly regarded? It looked like a fast-paced Torchlight to me, and I didn't appreciate the graphics nor writing of that game. Is this better? I like games such as Rogue Legacy (and the 2D goofy graphics are fine) and Children of Morta, but there's something that I don't like the Hades' graphic design, it looks worse than Bastion and Transistor in the art department. It does seem like the gameplay is better than in those games, and story as well. Another thing I didn't like about the stats were the "3% higher attack" or "3% higher evade" and such, because I like solid numbers in games that are easy to see upgrade on the screen aka "I had this weapon which did damage of 50 to this monster, now it does 65 with the new one." Convince me to buy it!

camel_toad75d ago

I really didn't think I was going to like Hades but after doing a couple of runs it just clicked and I was suddenly hooked. There are some fantastic synergies between the weapons and the God boons that just make the gameplay really fun and make every run feel very different. Unlocking new versions of the weapons, permanent character upgrades and unfolding more of the (actually really good) story made it even more addictive.

This is coming from someone who didn't like Supergiant's other games, Bastion or Transistor.

Tapani75d ago


You have convinced me! I might need to check out if the Switch version is as good as the PC one. I want 60fps locked, and no stutters. Children of Morta is a frame-pacing lag fest on Switch, but we invested in it so much during our summer cabin holiday with my wife that we don't want to buy it again for PC and start anew.

Epicor75d ago

Tapani, Hades is all about experimenting different weapons and builds. Your runs never feel the same. And you are gradually getting slightly stronger so you never get stuck either. It's a great game and a must-buy. It will get you hooked in 1-2 hours. OSTA!

zachyBROosevelt75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I feel you but I don’t as well. Lots of things are rewarding in lots of games just depending on your personal preference. Maybe rewarding is having a perfect landing in MS flight sim on realistic controls or its beating a boss in dark souls that’s taken you awhile and if you’re a little older like I am, playing through the fire and the flames on expert in GH3. With the logic you put to use for this, everyone should play most games at least once, because for the most part, games are rewarding. All that being said, good read and keep up the good work! And just remember, opinions are like buttholes; we all got em, and they all stink!

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