Forza Horizon 5 - 14 Minutes of Xbox Series X Direct Feed Gameplay


Playground Games has been showing off Forza Horizon 5 during their live streams and today we're happy to share some provided direct feed gameplay from the Xbox Series X. Provided from Playground without commentary we get our first high-quality look at gameplay featuring the Full Forza Horizon 5 map, a look at the customization options, the reveal of the 2020 Toyota Supra and more.

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Jin_Sakai118d ago

Looks amazing but it’s also running at 30fps. Hopefully it looks just as good in the 60fps mode.

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z2g118d ago

That’s because it’s actual next gen updates, not just recycling Xbox one ports. Everything is upgraded on the engine and it’s open world. Fine by me.

Smok91118d ago

I mean, why wouldn't he want a game to look as good at 60 FPS, elemental13? Weird how people read into simple facts.

z2g118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

It’s that its disingenuous. His comments are very ps biased and will never giving anything Xbox honest acceptance. That’s fine but the fact remains that the game is gorgeous, a true next gen title and if the series x isn’t doing 60 fps, then the ps5 definitely couldn’t do 60 fps which is impossible to prove since it’s not on ps5 so gives him room to find issues. MOST console games are still 30 fps but will downgrade visuals or run last gen visuals for 60 fps options on occasion. Most true gen 9 games that push graphics harder - especially open world games will def be 30 fps now and in the future. These still aren’t pcs with 3080s in them. .

JackBNimble118d ago

You obviously don't know who you're talking about, one of the biggest Sony soyboys on n4g.

Neonridr118d ago

because he wouldn't have said that if the next Gran Turismo was running at only 30fps. He'd simply say, looks amazing. Par for the course here though.

Lightning77118d ago

The X will be 4k in 60fps in performance mode. The The S will be 1080 at 60.

The X1 will be 1080 30/4k 30 on 1X

343_Guilty_Spark118d ago

Always you are the first to post and always first to subtly throw shade

fr0sty117d ago

30fps with dropped frames.

fr0sty117d ago

Some folks just live in denial, lol.

iistuii117d ago

It'll be unlimited on my RTX3080

CDbiggen117d ago

It'll be unlimited +1 on my 3080ti

117d ago
NeoGamer232117d ago

I am not sure why people are making a big deal about 30 fps. There are a lot of GOTYs that were 30 fps. Just because a game is not 60 fps doesn't mean it can't be a great game. And judging from past Forza Horizon games that all shipped with 30 fps on day one that did not affect their scores with reviewers negatively. People think this is great for a driving game, but, nobody who has actually played the Forza Horizons would concur that 60 fps is a requirement.

Framerate is a tradeoff choice. You can have greater detailed environments or faster framerates. They have chosen to start day one with a more detailed environment. Just because we are in a new console generation doesn't mean those trade-offs disappeared. Now, if we were seeing framerates of sub-25 for extended periods of gameplay that would be worth complaining about. I see 30 fps as a minimum a games need to be viable. But, even if you look back at TLOU on PS3, they chosen details over framerate and the game often dipped well below 30 fps.

In most other Forza Horizons.... New hardware has come around, they moved the game up to 60 fps and greater resolutions.

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Popsicle118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Are you using “free” in an attempt to lay out some bait there badboyz? You have to know the obligatory “it’s not free comment is coming.”

rakentaja118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Part of the Game Pass, playing for a few dollars*
to EvertonFC:
The question: Included with Game Pass? The answer was "yes".

EvertonFC118d ago

Not everyone has gamepass, just saying so technically some will play it free with there paid subscription and some will buy a physical or digital copy paid.
You don't speak for everyone you know.

JackBNimble118d ago

Day one on games pass for $10 a month alongside well over 100 games.
So what if it's not technically free , if you did the math each on GP is only pennies a month out of that $10.

Popsicle118d ago

@JackBNimble I have GamePass and am legitimately looking forward to playing Forza 5 using it. I was just making a joke (and apparently a bad one) because anytime anybody mentions free with GamePass multiple people come in and remind everyone that it is a paid subscription service.

DOMination-117d ago

What's amusing is that just a few days ago, the usual suspects were arguing that games on PS+ were in fact free because PS+ is just for online play and therefore the games are just an added bonus.

So which is it? Because GPU includes Xbox Live, GWG, Xbox Game Pass, EA Vault, PC Game Pass and xCloud. And it can be had for cheaper.

Never mind whether its free or not. Its good value for money. PS+ looks like a disgrace in comparison when you take into account price and what you get in return.

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dbcoops118d ago

Included with gamepass for a monthly fee.

anubusgold117d ago

You can get a whole year of game pass for a dollar im still on my dollar pass.

Rude-ro117d ago

No.. there is a monthly fee to access it.. Ie gamepass. 🤦
Quit saying “free”. That’s how we have stupid.

anubusgold115d ago

Not if you got in early and bought up to 3 years of game pass

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CrimsonWing69118d ago

Man, it'll be amazing when something like a third person shooter looks as good as this.

rakentaja118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

This is not changed the fact that one Game Pass game costs $ 5 instead of $ 70. Because if you continue your subscription, you will pay for new games and games that have already been released will be part of your subscription renewal (you don't have to pay to play again).
*If you do it year after year, you paid $ 5 for FH5.

Kerppamaister118d ago

How is this related to 3rd person shooter games looking good?

Chriswheeler22118d ago

The issue is those games comming to game weren't games I would have bought anyways so I'm just spending money each month now to try out games I wouldn't have.

Great for exposure for smaller devs

rakentaja118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

to Chriswheeler22:
I would call it a "Playstation Syndrome". Because you have to pay $ 30 + $ 30 + $ 30 + $ 30 + $ 30 for each indie or even more for AAA titles, you never play them. You can easily find new games that you would like if they were already part of the service. I would never have bought The Outer Worlds, but since it was already there, I downloaded and went through the game twice and also bought both DLCs, because I absolutely loved the game. This way you will miss many games, as you have to pay for each game separately.

JEECE117d ago

As far as the whole "PlayStation Syndrome," sure, maybe it's possible you'll miss games that way, but I think Gamepass is creating the same problem as massive steam sales: you get access to so many things all at once for such a low price, you aren't very intentional about many things. For example, I used to buy tons of games in steam sales that I'd never otherwise buy because they were $5 instead of $30 or $12 instead of $50, etc. Probably more than half of those games I've never even installed, and I'm far from alone on that. When you just get a game with Gamepass that you wouldn't have otherwise played, you basically take it for granted and have little reason to be intentional about playing it, since you didn't invest in it. As an example, who do you think actually played more of MLB The Show, the average person who paid for it (whether on Playstation or a non Gamepass Xbox user, who apparently exist for some reason)? I'd bet any amount of money that on average, the people who bought the game played it more than the people who did the "I'll check it out since I get it on Gamepass" people did. For what it's worth, I did this exact thing with Doom Eternal.

None of this takes away from Gamepass being the best deal in gaming, but what I've discussed is clearly going to happen.

rakentaja117d ago

You have nothing to play in between big releases, at the moment this is the situation on PS5 where you have to wait months for the next hit to arrive.

JEECE117d ago

Uhh not sure what you mean about nothing to play between big releases. Plenty of games are out on PS5. And if I buy a game on PlayStation, I'm more likely to actually play it. Take Hades for example. You get it with Gamepass, but you have to buy it on Playstation. So Xbox will have more players who "have" the game due to Gamepass, but many of them will never even download it, and then many others that do will play it for 30 minutes, say "okay, I get it," and then put it away and go back to Destiny 2 or Warzone. Whereas if you actually buy the game, you'll treat it as if it is worth putting time into. This isn't really a difficult concept. It's the same reason that now that everyone has access to all music with Spotify, people listen more to singles and far less to albums: you didn't actually pay for the album so there's no incentive to take time with it.

rakentaja117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

In recent history, I have sold 3 games the next day, which I bought on the first day at full price. I never play games if I don't like them. When I was hooked with The Outer Worlds, I never thought I should stop playing because it's in the Game Pass. In the world of "no demos", GP fills this gap perfectly.

JEECE117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

I'm not saying every Gamepass user will only play every game for 30 minutes. Some will obviously go in depth as you did with Outer Worlds. My point is that the propensity to do that is there, because there is no specific investment. Nor am I advocating that people play games they dislike just because of the investment. I'm saying there are some games that take more than a half-interested 15 minutes to grab you, and if you got that game with gamepass (or dirt cheap on steam, or free on PS Plus), you feel no incentive to give more than a passing glance to games. The fact that you look at Gamepass as a substitute for demos essentially confirms the point I'm making (actually, that's a really useful example, so I'm going to use that to illustrate this issue in the future).

By the way, I'm not saying this makes it a bad service. It's actually an issue of too much value for your money. I make this same case against Spotify.

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badz149117d ago

Clearly you have not played Uncharted

CrimsonWing69117d ago

Oh I’ve played them all and none of them look like this game.

DOMination-117d ago

* although 1,2 & 4 did blitz everything at the time of their release

rakentaja117d ago

Uncharted is definitely a game I could have played, but I've already chosen the system and I don't like to hold more than one console at a time. The Tomb Raider series replaces this game for me. The last 3 games have been very enjoyable and graphically beautiful enough.

darthv72118d ago

I always loved how these cars could crash through fences, power poles and rocks and not get a scratch on the front. They will get dusty from driving through dirt and whatnot but no car damage.

Was that always the case? As if in order for MS to use these cars they have to agree not to let them look damaged no matter what?

CDbiggen118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

I can't remember exactly, but FH4 had some kind of damage option I think. I remember my car almost grinding to halt because of it. Probably no obvious cosmetic damage like you say though.

118d ago
LordoftheCritics118d ago

There is a professional mode in Horizon games.

Pretty tough

Om4ever118d ago

So much better like this 😁

DOMination-117d ago

Cars do get dirty as you drive them.

There is damage if you hit another car or a solid wall, but not usually if you hit simple scenery items like fences. I'm not sure why that's the case but its been the same since you could drive offroad in FH2.

JEECE117d ago

I know car companies can be finicky about damage to their cars in games, although I thought that was mostly a thing of the past.

Elit3Nick117d ago

You get a handful of different damage levels. One completely nullifies cosmetic damage, another adds only cosmetic damage (which you will get scratches from hitting objects), the last adds cosmetic and mechanical damage, although the mechanical damage is not super in-depth, you hit things hard enough, it'll affect handling and power, although this setting isn't recommended for normal play.

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iplay1up2118d ago

Now that Forbidden West isn't coming out this year, this is my most wanted GOTY. The game looks absolutely fantastic!

chicken_in_the_corn118d ago

When did Sony confirm the delay?

iplay1up2118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

Here is what I read. First quarter 2022. It is only a couple of months, and I bet whatever they are doing will make it worth the wait.

chicken_in_the_corn118d ago

Jason Schreier claimed this game wouldn't be on PS4 and look how that turned out. I'm not believing anything about a delay unless it's from Sony themselves.

DOMination-117d ago

I never remember seeing a release date for H:FW. Sure, they may have originally been targeting 2021 but I don't ever recall a firm release date being shown on trailers (could be wrong though).

Anything is possible of course, but Sony don't have much history of announcing a release date just 2-3 months out. IMO there's little chance of that game coming this year.

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