New Graphical Enhancements Coming to The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced Edition

A wave of graphical improvements are on their way to The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced as part of the launch of the Waking Flame DLC.

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Mr Pumblechook66d ago

Phil Spencer knew that if he blocked the PS5 getting the graphical improvements like he did with Hellblade and Psychaunauts 2 it would lead to cancelled memberships from PlayStation customers.

TricksterArrow66d ago

The games are already pretty old and out on other consoles. IMO it was a dumb move to block those from updates. Would make people pick up the games again and maybe consider buying an Xbox for the future installments of the franchises.

No vision.

Father__Merrin66d ago

Exactly, and this proves he's corrupt. I don't think current player bases should be excluded

iplay1up266d ago

Read the article. The improvements are across all current gen consoles. Where did you see they are not?

EvertonFC66d ago

It helps reading the article 😂 🤣

TheRealTedCruz66d ago (Edited 66d ago )


They honored what was promised in the game's Kickstarter.
They owe no more than that, and they didn't even have to hold to that.
The fact MS is providing a Playstation version of any extent is actually solid of them as a competing company.

This is now THEIR studio and THEIR IP. There's no reason for them to spend the money to make an advanced version for a competitor, and claiming as much just shows a bias you have towards the company.

iplay1up266d ago

I just read the article. The improvements are for PS5 too. Where did you get they aren't?

Darkborn66d ago

That's why they said IF he blocked this update too.

TricksterArrow66d ago

@Darkborn ye, OP was talking about other titles. Reading comprehension is lacking nowadays.

justadelusion65d ago

re-read OP's statement.. slowly and carefully..

georeo66d ago

“All systems expect the last base consoles” you must like drama.

porkChop66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

He didn't block a PS5 update for Psychonauts 2. It was never coming to current gen systems. They weren't part of the Kickstarter. Xbox delayed it to add a Series X version, nothing was blocked or removed. Same with Hellblade. TES Online is different in that it's an ongoing game. They had previously promised to continue support for these types of legacy games.

Gaming4Life198166d ago

No point in explaining cause people on here don't accept the truth when has to do with xbox.

neutralgamer199266d ago


I see you post this comment a lot but you never mentioned the fact this game would not have existed most likely without PlayStation fans backing it. Sony even helped DF with revival of grim fandango

This game wasn't backed by Ms. This was a Kickstarter

porkChop66d ago

1) That's not a fact, or are you unfamiliar with what the word means? DF go back all the way to point-and-click adventures on PC, but sure, apparently PS fans are the only reason the game got made. Sony did in fact help DF get the Grim Fandango rights back, but they had nothing to do with Psychonauts 2.

The first Psychonauts wasn't even regarded remotely as a PS game. It launched after the PC and Xbox versions, and the PS2 port wasn't even developed by DF.

2) No, Psychonauts 2 wasn't originally backed by Microsoft. But DF is owned by Microsoft, as well as the Psychonauts IP. Microsoft funded the added development of the Series X|S versions. Microsoft also paid all the game's investors back.

All the cut content like boss fights were able to be added back in because of how much funding Microsoft was giving DF. The only reason the game exists in its current capacity is because Microsoft gave DF the money to make the game they really wanted to make.

They are under no obligation to fund a PS5 port that was never even part of the crowd funding.

neutralgamer199266d ago

Yeah why should he worry sitting comfortably at third place for multiple generations. Should be celebrating

66d ago
EvertonFC66d ago

Did you read the article 😂 🤣

66d ago
TheRealTedCruz66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Oh wow!
Can't believe a private company isn't going out of their way to placate an opposing company's audience.

I mean, MS respected Psychonauts 2's Kickstarter, and still funded the game, and the studio, improving the game overall, and still allowing a PS4 game.
Something I'm not sure the other 2 would do.

But yeah, MS is totally banking on the PS4 sales of a MS heavy franchise lol.
They're worried more about the competition's sales, and not that of their own, or the traffic their paid service will bring. That's why they're still allowing it on Playstation.

DarkkMinion65d ago

What are you talking about? Did you even read the article? Holy guacamole bro!!!

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anast66d ago

It took Phil to make Bethesda improve their graphics.

Tacoboto66d ago

You guys are creepy with this Phil obsession. It's pretty gross by now.

neutralgamer199266d ago

Sure and to Xbox fanboys he is the best thing since sliced bread so which point of view is more accurate?


Facts are the only thing you should go by not the clowns on N4G

neutralgamer199266d ago

Yes but in today's society man clowns are easier to find and most people accept the clown show just look at our politics

Real sense able mature conversation can't be had. Opinions have becomes fact and feelings/emotions mean even wrong opinion will be defended

Sol4ris66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I see the usual suspects are still sore about MS not paying for the Hellblade upgrade on PS5, the nerve of MS😂.
Let's see how the current gen upgrade is coming along for Sunset Overdrive on Xbox, now that Sony owns Insomniac...shall we 😅.

slavish065d ago

needs animation and physics update

justadelusion65d ago

the animations are so horrendous in this game i cant even play it anymore

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