TeamXbox: Skate 2 Multiplayer Hands-on

TeamXbox writes: "
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I suck at Skate. I don't think it's a bad thing, and in no way should be read as a dismissal of Skate and its upcoming sequel, Skate 2. You see, even though I totally suck at Skate, I really wish I didn't. I want to be good at Skate, you know why? Because Skate feels so realistic that maybe if I got good at it, I could somehow magically become a decent skateboarder in real life.

Ok, absurd thinking, I know. Considering I've crested my 30's and am about 40 pounds overweight, even moreso. But Skate gets me interested in skating. It makes me wish I could do it, because landing a trick, even a simple ollie kickflip is so satisfying in the game that I can imagine how awesome it would feel in real life. Super awesome, I'm guessing. That's what Skate and Skate 2 have that other games like the Tony Hawk series don't: a connection to reality that inspires you to want to compete. Good games have a way of doing that."

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