She Will Punish Them - August Preview - Dark Souls With Boobs? - CG

CG writes: We take a look at the latest version 0.790 of L2 Games’ She Will Punish Them which continues to evolve into something great for those who might enjoy rogue-lite combat and deep character customization.

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VTKC76d ago

Has the feminists and SJWs fallen asleep?

Sayai jin76d ago

Seems the are living rent free in your head.

VTKC75d ago

Well I wouldn't want to be accused of not being inclusive now would I?

melons76d ago

What are you talking about? N4G is full of booby games, like at least one a day seems to trend.

Knightofelemia76d ago

Oppai as Issei Hyoudou would say

B68W75d ago

Dark Souls with boobs? You had my curiosity, now you have my attention.