The Stunning Art of Rally Launches on Xbox, Switch and Game Pass

Richard writes: "The old argument of whether games can be art rages on but with art of rally launching today on Xbox and Nintendo Switch we can answer that question with a resounding ‘YES’!"

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dbcoops75d ago

Looks cool, wonder when this is coming to Playstation.

74d ago
Sol4ris75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Another gem of a game releases on Gamepass day one. Fantastic!
Wish I had the time to play them all😁.

Si-Fly75d ago

This isn’t a Day One release 🤣 Great game though!

Z23ash75d ago

Yes it is. Literally launched on gamepass the day it launched on Xbox. That’s a day one release

DOMination-75d ago

The game has been out already for some time on PC

Sol4ris75d ago

On the Xbox platform it is a day one Game Pass release 😅!

traumadisaster74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

When gp is said is there not a distinction for pc or console? Think it’s called ultimate maybe. Anyway I’d like to know if it’s on gp pc or just console, I wish it was clear in the article.

If it’s not pc game pass then it’s not day 1, no?

FallenAngel198475d ago

Is game pass being treated like its own platform now

lonewolf1075d ago

Only in the fact if you do not have GP then you will have to buy on Xbox, hence why xbox and GP I assume?

Sol4ris75d ago

Not sure why it matters if it's treated as such, although I don't think it is. However, it makes sense for people gaming on Xbox to know if the game is released on Game Pass...

porkChop75d ago

Just because a game launches on Xbox doesn't mean it'll be on Game Pass. Hence the distinction. That's just common sense.

Yi-Long75d ago

Been playing the game yesterday, and (mostly) love the gameplay.

That said, I do feel the visuals don’t do the game the justice it deserves, and that’s not about the visual style chosen, which I very much love, but in the execution. The game suffers from extreme pop-in and just looks extremely rough around the edges at times, and it kinda detracts from the quality of the rest of the game.

If they polish this gem up, it would be a 10 out of 10. Like I said, love the gameplay, the style, the menus, everything, but it needs a bit of extra polish to really make it shine the way it deserves.

NeoGamer23274d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Excellent, an actual real comment about the game from someone who actually played it. Not a bunch of fanboys that read the article title and assumed there was something really special here.

Leemundo74d ago

I’m downvoting you because that kind of rational comment just isn’t welcome here boy-oh.

Also, I played it yesterday and have to agree with the original comment above completely.

74d ago
NeoGamer23274d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Nope. PS is a secondary. My primary console is XB.

Been a GamePass subscriber since a few months in to the very beginning and love it. But, it is kind of crazy how some people are too busy selling GamePass and not just letting the product speak for itself.

In this case when I read the title of the article with the word "stunning" in it, I went and read the article, watched a few you tubes on the game, and saw the one screen shot, I thought, "Forza Horizon 5 looks stunning, Art of Rally does not look all that stunning". Yi-Long's comment best described how I felt. Sorry if you are so into XB that everything GamePass / XB does is mythically amazing. But to me these companies are just companies trying to take as much of my money as possible. I assess everything about them all the time and make sure the games and services I buy provide value to me. GamePass does that for me. But, Art of Rally.... I doubt I will download it anytime soon.. Working my way through Dragon's Quest on GamePass right now.