Extreme Gamer: Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New Wolrd review

Downtown Jimmy writes:

"Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World is a lengthy linear role-playing game that will please fans of the series who aren't looking for something new. Tales holds your hand as you battle through a muddled storyline with hours upon hours of questing and combat. The presentation isn't improved much on the Wii, but that doesn't halt the gameplay. Dawn of a New World is rated Teen, however I suspect younger gamers might enough the game as well. If you play it by ear and keep the level up strategies to the basics, there is a lot of fun for a younger audience. Experienced role-playing fans, you will want to look past this Wii edition of Tales and wait for something else to come down the pipeline. It's a shame Nintendo hasn't pushed role-playing localization for the Western audience a little more for their new console. We are all going into withdrawal with fond memories from the company that used to host all the best JRPGs."

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