Report: First Call of Duty 2021 Images Leak Out

It seems the first Call of Duty 2021 images have leaked! While there's something Call of Duty 2021 related happening on August 19 as well.

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autobotdan73d ago

I didn't know there was going to be another one

quenomamen73d ago

Theres always another COD game.

dbcoops73d ago

lol, right? Rather we wanted it or not.

coolfool73d ago

This is definitely sarcasm.

zachyBROosevelt72d ago

I’ve always said there needs to be a sarcasm key or something on a keyboard because it’s always hard to convey through writing or text

thorstein72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

@boyyzackk Currently sarcasm is either indicated by "/s" "/sarcasm" or bY aLtErNaTiNg EvErY oThEr LeTtEr As A cApItAl (aka Mocking Spongebob). There are generators that let you type in your comment and then sarcasm them up.

LordoftheCritics73d ago

Hope this one has a call center map called Caller Duty

autobotdan73d ago

There hasn't been a new Call of Duty game in over 10 years. It's long overdue for another one. I dont know why there isn't a new Call of Duty game every year

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Mikeyy73d ago

I hope sledgehammer tries harder this time, because COD WWII wasn't very good. Dice may be bringing the heat this year if they don't want to get embarrassed again.

MasterChief362473d ago

I really liked WWII, but Advanced Warfare was really their peak so far. I hope for a vision closer to that one, but I also understand that a lot of people got tired of the hyper traversal mechanics in Call of Duty. But man, that game really got its hooks in me, for some reason. Blops II was my original favorite, but AW exceeded it.

KyRo73d ago

The reason COD has been in a state after MW is because if SHs cockup. They've had to scrape together another WW2 shooter the same way Treyarch had to rush out a game last year. SH COD title was that busted Activision pulled the plug on it.

Role on next year for MW2

SenorFartCushion72d ago

Making rivalries between game companies is dumb,

moomoo31972d ago

You can be dissapointed and also not buy it lol

Abear2173d ago

Halo and Battlefield are going to body COD so hard this year, a few months from release and the first info we get has to leak, not a great sign

Profchaos73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Black ops cold war didn't get it's first info drop until closer to launch and some like crazy.

It's cod doesn't matter what you or anyone here thinks about it and despite how hard you want it to flip it will sell millions in Xmas sales alone. It's been going on for years everyone wants to jump up and down and claim franchise fatigue and Activision is just making the next guitar hero a popular franchise and over yet it's been dropping yearly since 2007 and making billions.

Halo and bf are just not as big in terms of franchise popularity

Hikoran73d ago

Has someone sent a memo to all devs to say we want loads of 4 player co op PVE games?

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The story is too old to be commented.