Lawn Mowing Simulator Is Actually An Open-World RPG

Lawn Mowing Simulator is masquerading as just another sim game, but it's actually an open-world RPG ready to take players on a heroic adventure.

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brewin76d ago Show
roadkillers76d ago

I didn't even read the article, but I know I want it... anyone else feel this same? Something so satisfying about cutting the grass.

Silly Mammo76d ago

Mowing the lawn in real life is bad enough. I have no desire to simulate mowing on my downtime.

Elwenil76d ago

This. I would rather pave over the entire yard if I could afford it.

roadkillers76d ago

You need to get yourself a nice John Deere

LostinthePANIC76d ago

@roadkillers I would never buy from a company that is so against "Right to Repair."

Buy a zero-turn or other tractor, but F*ck John Deere.

mkis00776d ago

look up powerwash simulator. Your welcome.

fitofficial76d ago

And I thought potential FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine would be the dumbest thing I read all day...

fitofficial76d ago

Had a tetanus booster in December, so no.

EvertonFC76d ago

🤔🙄 I'd check yourself into somewhere fella

TheRealTedCruz76d ago

So edgy.
We are all highly impressed.

Popsicle76d ago

The real Ted Cruz would be 🙁

PapaBop76d ago

And next up in the thrilling tales of simulator games, paint drying simulator

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