PSP Outselling PS3 – WTF?

"Who the hell is buying a PSP and why? That is the question that's twisting our brains into pretzels this morning. We've just been taking a look at the worldwide hardware sales charts and were quite amazed to discover that only a month out from the big retail experience which is Christmas, consumers are throwing more weight behind the PSP than the PS3." - gameplayer reports

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pwnsause3628d ago

PSP $200

PS3 $400

PSP >>>>> PS3 and it makes sense. Portables sell more. the proof is there with the DS to the Wii as well.

SlappingOysters3628d ago

The DS has a stack of awesome games. The PSP has nothing. What is its selling point now. Or more importantly, what is its selling point to a level that people would buy more of them than the PS3.

I think the money thing is valid, although the PSP is outrageously priced for what it offers. 2hrs of battery and 1 game a month. And loading times that could bore a donkey.

TruthBTold3628d ago

Do you know or have you played any PSP games lately? It has good, bad and ok games just like the DS. Its price is not that different from the DS and Im certain in terms of what each handheld can do, the PSP does more than the DS. PSP sells more than the PS3 because, plain and simple, its a handheld and its less than half the price of the PS3.

SlappingOysters3628d ago

I have a PSP, but haven't really found a need to bust it out lately. Like the article pointed out, there is nothing coming out for it.

Like I said, I think the money situation plays a role. But I would think that with everything Sony has behind the PS3, and the fact it has pretty much nothing behind the PSP (Loco Roco 2 and Buzz... oh joy) that the handheld is doing greater numbers through the whole year seems weird to me.

If the PSP was doing 100,000 a week I would be impressed.

TruthBTold3628d ago

Not everyone only uses their PSP for games and not everyone gets the PSP for its game selection. It's easy to see many people looking for a gaming device which they find quality because of the brand Sony, also some people might get a couple of games just to have something to do while they travel or on their way to work or school. Im sure you can play movies, music, and games on a PSP. Not sure if you can wacth pictures like the PS3. Many people who have a PS3 also buy a PSP just to link them and use the features available with them. Its also the cheapest solution for parents who want to get their children a gaming machine but dont want to spend too much money so instead of spending 250.00 - 400.00 they spend 160.00 on a handheld. So if you take into consideration things such as what I just mentioned you would see why PSP is selling. Plus the whole PSP selling more than the PS3 is stupid. Then we should also have one questioning why the DS sells more than the Wii as pwnsause mentioned.

SlappingOysters3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

With all of your reasons for why people might pick up a PSP. I'm not saying the PSP isn't worth 450,000 units a week. I am just saying that I would have thought the PS3 was worth more than that.

That said, the DS is a way cheaper option for both hardware and software as the handheld of choice for families (in Aus). And as a multimedia device the iphone is considerably cheaper than the PSP (at least where I live).

The main reason why I think the DS and Wii analogy isn't good is because the DS is getting games and support. The PSP has all but being dropped. What this article is saying, I think, is not that the PSP doesn't deserve to sell, just that despite the fact it is comparably expensive and has only 1 game coming out this month it is still doing more numbers than the PS3 which has stacks of software support and a host of other multimedia features like Blu-ray. Surely these figures would indicate that something is going wrong with the marketting or pricing of the PS3.

P.S I think it is sad that the PSP is losing support from publishers, but the DS is just killing it.

Venomish3628d ago

I have a psp and i'm constantly using it
I play Wipeout Pulse all the time, it is a great game and its campaign is pretty long :D
I also use it to watch videos
I recommend you buy at least an 8gb memory stick for your psp and download xvid4psp , this program converts video files to mp4 files optimized for psp, 10 anime episodes will take less 1 gb

cactuschef3628d ago


Reading that made me think of this girl in my class who had a psp and only used it for movies, photos, music, and browsing the web.

TruthBTold3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

You're not considering the obvious, these are two totally different systems. And most importantly price. Which do you think would sell more. PSP at 150.00 or PS3 at 150.00? Right now the PS3 is 400.00 at least which is a lot of money for many people. A co-worker of mine is dying for a PS3 but cant afford it at the moment. He is a GOW fan and hasnt sacrificed to buy one since his main reason GOW3 isnt out yet so he felt it was more accessible to him buying the PSP for now and playing GOW Chains.. Like I said dont only consider games because that is not only what the PSP offers. Sure right now there arent games coming out worth buying. I can recall all other systmes having a couple of months when nothing interesting was coming out. Yet they sell for good games they released earlier and for other uses they have. Many would buy a PS3 in a month when no games come out for perhaps playing an older game or watching bluray movies. Not having a new game come out will stop systems from selling. BTW Its hard to find a person who you can really have a real constructive argument with so bubbles to you for sharing your opinion with me in such a good manner. Wish there where more like you here at N4G.

@ cactuschef: thats what I mean, I dont have a PSP nor have I been able to use one but I have seen some of the things it does and it would make sense to see why people would use it for other things apart from playing games.

crimsonfox3628d ago

isn't it stupid how people don't understand the simplest of things eh?

Bnet3433628d ago

I just realized Xbox 360 and PSP cost the same. Damn!

SlappingOysters3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Mate I see exactly what you are saying.

I guess I just see the PSP as a dead (or dying at least) format. There were more games coming out for the GameCube in its last days than there are on the PSP horizon. Look at - bout 20 games for the whole of next year of which 5 at best are even worth a second glance.

I'm just surprised that what seems like a dead format is outselling what is the cutting edge of gaming tech. I am not attacking the PSP, I just think the PS3 should be performing better.

I realise that many of you have your PSPs and a nice library and are having fun playing them. You've probably had them for ages. But 450,000 people bought one last week. That doesn't seem weird to anyone?

Ichiryoka3628d ago

There are plenty of good games on the psp....yay My first game list..

God Of War
FF Agito (in the works)
FF dissidia (in the works)
FF tactics war of the lions
jean d Arc
Parasite eve (in the works)
FF 1 & 2

there are probably more just can't think of them at the moment.

Danja3628d ago

why are ppl even comparing PS3 sales to that of the PSP ..

one is way cheaper than the other..

once the PS3 price comes down , obviously things will change..

Sucks2BU3628d ago

Congrats dude, that was the point of the article. At least someone other than me read/got it.

ButterToast3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

I have a DS and would much rather have a psp. I want a lot more of the games on the psp than I do on the DS. FFT (i don't like the FFTA series), Patapon, Daxter, God of War, Star Ocean, FFVII:CC, wipeout, Valkrie profile, Ys: ark of napishtim, parasite eve, +ps1 games that can be bought off the psn (mainly wild arms). on the DS the only games I really enjoy are pokemon, mario kart, izuna and the small screen gives me a headache.

INehalemEXI3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Resistance Retribution too and Monster Hunter 2nd G coming to the US.

solidsnakus3628d ago

woah but come on. the psp is complete garbage though. the last good game to come out on that was ff7 spinoff. psp is literally dead now with no 3rd party devs supporting it cause of piracy. ps3>>>psp its a shame psp is outselling it , shows how dumb customers are.

Darkseider3627d ago

What!? I have had a PSP since day one and I still have it and use it daily. GTA, Untold Legends, Midnight Club, Loco Roco, Patapon, Final Fantasy, God of War, SOCOM, Killzone Liberation, etc.. EXCELLENT games library for anyone that likes games. Not to mention MP3 player and portable movie player when I am traveling and feel like a distraction other than gaming. You sir FAIL hard at trolling. Next time skip the morning bowl of failios before posting. kthxbye.

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TheColbertinator3628d ago

I think the people want to play...Star Ocean 1? idk

lokiroo4203628d ago

And the DS outsold the wii by almost 33%, whats their point, and tell me why its a bad thing? Have these guys heard of remote play?

pupu3628d ago

PSP outselling PS3 CONFIRMED!!

Xbox 360 outselling both FACT!

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