Chivalry II Reveals House Of Galencourt Update With A New Trailer

Looks like more carnage awaits. The ultimate medieval battlefield continues to grow as more players jump into the fun of the award-winning multiplayer hit, Chivalry 2 as a free update has been announced.

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Garethvk72d ago

I just played the new map. Not bad but more of the same. I like it but it gets old very fast for me.

Minimoth72d ago

This is literally just the press release. What kind of website is this? They don't even have an SSL certificate lol

Garethvk72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

So what exactly are we supposed to show under a trailer posting? We have the trailer, we have the press release so what else is supposed to go with a trailer post. As for the SSL did you ever consider that the theme does not support it so while we look for an updated one we have all sorts of safeguards in place to protect guests?