'Kena: Bridge of Spirits' voice actor compares the game to an emotional Pixar movie

In an exclusive interview with Newsweek, Tod Fennell explained how "Kena: Bridge of Spirits" resembles an emotional Pixar movie in more ways than one.

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Jin_Sakai77d ago

I have high hopes for this game. I like everything I’ve seen so far. Can’t wait to play it!

Nakiro77d ago

I don't think many will argue that the game looks charming, I just hope the gameplay can hold it's own.

RaiderNation77d ago

It looks like it's a blend of Zelda action with Pikmin. I'm very intrigued by the game.

Zeref77d ago

I hope it's a great game. i'm gonna be playing it on the Steamdeck

pietro121277d ago

If it's available for PC, you'll be able to play it on the steam deck.

ThinkThink77d ago

It launches on pc day 1, unless I'm missing something.

Zeref77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

I know, it's on PC day one

Zeref77d ago

Why am I getting downvoted? Lol

Chevalier77d ago

Cause people are dumb 🙄

I gave you an upvote. Lol

SyntheticForm76d ago

Because you didn't say PlayStation, where they game is being heavily marketed.

Outlawzz76d ago

Seeing as I'll purchase a steamdeck before a ps5, if it performs well enough I'll buy it on there instead.

Vithar77d ago

I"m really excited for this :)

Thundercat7777d ago

Hoping it turns out to be good. I would love to play it on my PS5 with the Dualsense features.

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