Another annoying gadget for Live

Remember back in October the news of a gadget that served no purpose but to annoy? Named SmackTalk, it was set to cause disruption to the Utopia that is Xbox Live. Now, four months on, another annoying gadget is available to buy, entitled "Trash Talk".

With Trash Talk for Xbox 360, you can insult your enemies at the push of a button. It's the ultimate weapon to flame, taunt and ridicule your buddies over Xbox Live. Sitting between your game controller and your plug-in headset, Trash Talk gives you a bank of buttons which activate pre-recorded sound clips, letting you assemble your own messages and activate them at will.

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GEV1L5712d ago

Seriously if you are that lazy to need this you are probably too stupid to be able to use it for anything other than a suppository. Wow Imagine that I can trash talk anyone instantly, this is so revolutionary it is totally going to make the old way of trash talking (you know speaking obsolete. REally this is just too stupiud for words. I feel that I have lost iq points permanently just by being subjuected to this article.

Syko5712d ago

As long as this thing can drop the N bomb it will fit right in on GOW. Seems to be the favorite word on that game. What a useless piece of crap

DC RID3R5712d ago

as COLE has already garnered "cult" status.

I guess for anyone with a speech impedement, this device will suffice :]

Syko5712d ago

Woooooooooooo! That dude is better than Mario!

ASSASSYN 36o5712d ago

Call it the guaranteed to get you kicked device.

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