Cerebral Gamer: Wii at Two Years

It was with little fanfare that Nintendo Wii turned two years old last month. That lack of fanfare had more to do with the present glory of the console (which seems to dominate talk on the console) rather than the sort of neglect which typified Wii's predecessor. After all, Wii continues to own home console sales, trouncing the collective numbers of PS3 and Xbox 360 without prejudice. Between Wii and the ever-reliable DS, things are looking pretty good for Nintendo, financially speaking.

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barakiu3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

only lasted for 3 years before the DS came out (2001-2004), so may'be the same can be said for the Wii....considering the economy though, may'be Nintendo was paying attention and say this coming; "We could easily be talking about a world economy that is depressed into 2011 and even beyond", as Nobel Prize wiiner Paul Krugman has said time and time again, as well as many notable economists.

may'be Wii(and DS) will stay a little bit longer bearing that in mind.

Global depression until 2011: Nobel Laureate's prediction

Product3692d ago

Like Socrates i to wish our government was ran by Philosophers,or atleast people with ethics.
Greed has and always will prevent this country and mankind from advancing us towards using more then just 10% of our brains.
I guarantee if our government was what Socrates wanted the money would go where it was supposed to(health,education,tech,etc.) instead of CEO's and politicians pockets.Instead of companies focusing on cures they would rather us pay them every month to live alittle longer.No money in the cure.We know how to get rid of wrinkles,give girls bigger breasts,and fake tans but have a hard time figuring out the stuff that matters.We would rather fix the outside of the body then the inside.
Thats why when i come on here sometimes it sickens me to see how immature people are when in reality......non of this matters.Go do something good,thats the big picture.

The Wii is doing a different story.

Xander-RKoS3692d ago

Great games weren't made in a year. After seeing what it could do, I'm not surprised that year two was a bit bumpy. (Also, did this person say Guitar Hero was a core game?) Year three however: Madworld, The Conduit, Monster Hunter 3, No More Heroes 2, Red Steel 2, ooh...can't wait.

Gr813692d ago

Great post, some food for thought. It also does put things in perspective to, doesn't it.