Apex Legends Lead Balance Designer Terminated After Controversial Remarks Surface; Dev Posts Apology

Apex Legends Lead Balance Designer Daniel Klein has confirmed he has been terminated by Respawn due to some of his controversial remarks in 2007.

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porkChop77d ago

His comments were horrible. No two ways about it. But it does seem like he actually made the effort to change and become a better person over the last 14 years. Normally I'm all for firing someone when they make these types of comments, but that's because they've usually never tried to be better until the comments go public.

I think EA should have used this opportunity to show people that if you change your ways and genuinely turn yourself around you can get a second chance. What they've effectively done is tell everyone that there's no point in trying to change because you'll end up with the same result anyway.

On top of that, his wife suffered a miscarriage due to the stress this has caused. What a terrible and sad situation.

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ZeekQuattro77d ago

Nah. He used to work for Riot and was fired for something similar. That's at least two jobs we know of where he was fired for racist remarks. If it quacks like a duck. Lol But hey third times the charm right?

porkChop77d ago

If you're going to bring it up you should probably look up why he was fired from Riot. It wasn't for racism, quite the opposite.

It was when Riot was only allowing women and non-binaries to attend their PAX panel, everyone else would be allowed in afterwards. Klein supported it and called the people complaining manbabies. No racism involved.

Don't go spreading bs like that if you can't be bothered to get the facts first.

excaliburps77d ago

Did he also say racist stuff at Riot? What did he say?

excaliburps77d ago

That's the thing, no? Like, what if the person DID actually change? 14 years is a long time regardless of your age.

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Rachel_Alucard76d ago


Theres no proof to say he didn't change. His entire Twitter account paints the opposite picture.

Rachel_Alucard77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

The only reason this dirt got released was because of how broken Seer is and his comments claiming something that wasn't true prior to his release. He's got a giant thread on kiwifarms even. There's a bunch of other humiliating dirt on him besides this, but it's not something you can get fired for. I don't agree he should've been fired if he changed since that point, especially since it was 14 fricking years ago, many players on Apex weren't even born then. To also have his wife suffer a miscarriage all because he can't balance a video game right is downright evil, but I doubt anyone involved in the firing would've ever wanted or expected that. Just a series of mistakes lead to this tragic outcome.

Extermin8or3_77d ago

Honestly I think it's ridiculous that he can be fired over something he said 14 years ago.... many years before he even worked for them.

Rachel_Alucard76d ago

It's like why even bother improving or changing if people can just use anything you ever said in life as a grudge? The only thing I can rightfully say is to stay off social media or privatize everything from the get go so people can't use your words to start a forest fire that gets you fired.

annoyedgamer77d ago

Working in the US today is a dangerous affair.

excaliburps76d ago

You mean using social media and posting something online without thinking is...

Nitrowolf276d ago

Crazy, but then again all this feels like common sense to me. Things to never say/do

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

the reason he was fired, not the apology

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME76d ago

i mean, I take that back, I think it was vulgar, and cringy, He's trying to be edgy and its cringe.
his apology grossed me out more though.
this is why you don't allow your income to be tied to anything under HR department.

NINJA568976d ago

Things like this are so stupid. This was 14 years ago. People change and for all we know this can come from someone in highschool. I cant believe someone can lose their job from something so minor. It was a different time and a different person. Grow The Fuck Up.

BlackDoomAx76d ago

People evolve, but most of the time they don't change. Sure there are some, but most of them never will.

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