Hades on PS5 Is a Must-Play for Returnal Fans

Hades is finally out on PlayStation 5 (as well as PS4 and Xbox platforms) and those who loved Returnal should not skip over this roguelite from Supergiant Games. While the two have different interpretations of the genre, they both have enough in common to pull in many of the same fans.

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harv05277d ago

Finally out? Doesn't this release on the 13th of August?

Silly Mammo76d ago

He wrote this from the future. Lucky bastard.

sourOG77d ago

No dualsense support, bummer. I was ready to read that comparison to returnal. Gamepass it is.

Ron_Danger77d ago

The article says it doesn’t support Dualsense features as good as Returnal does, it doesn’t say they don’t support it.

Plus the PSBlog also covered that it uses the Dualsense features:

sourOG77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

That’s the only comparison that matters to me and why I read the article. If it had returnal dualsense support I would have bought it on PlayStation.

Ron_Danger77d ago

So it has Dualsense features like haptics and adaptive triggers, just not as good as Returnal, so you’re going with a version that has zero chance of any haptic/ adaptive trigger functions?! Ok dude… whatever. Just say your getting the Xbox version instead of trying to spread false info.

sourOG76d ago Show
sourOG76d ago Show
sourOG76d ago (Edited 76d ago )


“ Just say your getting the Xbox version instead of trying to spread false info.”
This comment sounds butthurt and ultra fanboyish. Same with the “go back to your own news page” loser nonsense from the other guy. I did say I’m going gamepass lol.

One sentence from the platforms blog is hardly a fact worth changing my opinion on. I clarified my statement and the fanboy shit continues lol.

Yes I’m choosing the one with no dual sense support because it’s on a service I already pay for. If they actually put some effort into it (and they still might) I would happily buy the ps5 version.

It’s not a nonsensical argument. If it had GOOD dualsense support I would buy it. It’s not hard to understand. Assassins creed Valhalla and re village have “dual sense support” also. It doesn’t mean it’s any good. Returnal support is phenomenal and a game changer. That’s my point.

S2Killinit76d ago

Read the article more closely. .

Btw, if you are buying games in the manner you described, you are probably paying more for gaming than you should be. Gamepass is for people who can play whats available on the subscription and can resist buying games that are not on the service. Otherwise, you end up paying more for the same amount of gaming. Food for thought.

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LucasRuinedChildhood76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

"There is nothing wrong about what I said, only your interpretation."

Lad, you said Hades has "no Dualsense support" and he corrected you and provided a link.

If you don't want to buy it because it's on Game Pass and you don't think the Dualsense support is good enough to justify a buy, fair enough, but you were wrong.

sourOG76d ago Show
sourOG76d ago (Edited 76d ago )


Because I wanted see if Hades has returnal style dualsense support. It doesn’t. I can only tell you this 6 or 7 more times, we have limited comments and all.

SurgicalMenace76d ago

He never intended to purchase it anyway. That's why he's finding any reason not to purchase it than just saying he's only playing it because it's on GP.

I just wish all these "price conscience" gamers would go away so the industry can flourish like it should.

sourOG76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

It’s the opposite actually lol. I’m obsessed with mythology anything. I had planned on buying it on ps5 when it was first announced. But then I got a series x and gamepass a few weeks ago. So I’m actually looking for a reason to purchase it lol. Returnal dualsense support would have been that reason to go with original plan. It has nothing to do with price, it’s 30 bucks. Im not buying it on Xbox because it’s on gamepass lol. If it wasn’t on gamepass I’d buy the Ps5 version. I still might when it leaves eventually.

Michiel198976d ago

@surgical the game industry is allready flourishing, youve been living under a rock?
and with price conscience you mean? all ps+ and gamepass subs?

"so the industry can flourish as it should" you mean companies trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of you? im getting star wars vibes when palpatine became senator and the death of democracy was celebrated under a thundering applause.

Stop simping for companies, its pathetic and they already make enough money.

neutralgamer199276d ago (Edited 76d ago )


Play where you like bro enjoy. I will get this on PlayStation 5

sourOG76d ago

I don’t care where I play it, there’s no difference lol. But I get your sentiment and I appreciate your uncommon rationality.

Thundercat7776d ago


Shooting without even reading I see.

sourOG76d ago

Are you talking about all of these semantic ass posts? I agree. Let me break it down for you people who read one line and stop before I forget about you all for good lol.

1. Reads article about returnal comparison.
2. Article Says dualsense support is disappointing and not comparable.
3. I say
“no dual sense support, bummer. I was looking forward to that comparison to returnal.”

Now to anyone with half a brain it’s obvious I was talking in context to the article. I obviously read the article. Fanboys read “no dual sense support” and have an aneurism. I don’t care lol. Have a nice day.

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jznrpg77d ago

Returnal is much better . I already had Hades on Switch

roadkillers77d ago

Really? I've been aching to play Returnal, but my lack of PS5 has gotten in the way. Game seems fantastic especially Hades won numerous GotYs from major outlets. Stoked to give both a go

77d ago
TheDoomedGuy76d ago

The game is pure magic. Even if you're not very good at it you'll eventually have a good run and get to enjoy the incredible atmosphere and world they've built.

jznrpg76d ago

Hades gets to the point of button mashing and constantly dashing , strategic button mashing but still it gets tiring after awhile imo. It’s a funny game and it’s well made but I do think it’s overhyped

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TheRealTedCruz76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

I'd disagree there.
Returnal is a good game, but there's many better roguelikes out there. I definitely consider Hades the better game, and it doesn't cost you $70 to play.
Returnal is good, but was highly propped up by being a Sony product.
Even then, it's still not bringing in insane sales. Far from hitting even a million.

Hades is a known indie darling. That's just the fact of things.

jznrpg76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

I don’t care what the game sells , or who gave it what award . I like Hades , it’s a good game , but I do think it’s a little overhyped and I do like Returnal more than Hades . I’ve played a good amount of rogue lites and Hades is a polished game and comical but it doesn’t do anything new that other rogue likes haven’t done before they just had a bigger budget . There are many games like it , Children of Morta is a very good game and good comparison . I chose to play that instead after buying and playing them both . Hades has better graphics slightly but I enjoyed Children of Morta more personally . It’s my opinion and it can differ from others . You can like Hades more than whatever game and that’s fine I just don’t agree vs Returnal and Children of Morta particularly . Still a good game though

SurgicalMenace76d ago

That's what's up Mr. Cruz, Returnal or any other game that 70 dollars is worth it, to those who have it to spend. The price of a game doesn't determine how good it is, mechanics, atmosphere, seamless delivery, etc does. All of which, Returnal, executes with flying colors.

Now none of this takes away from Hades in the least, I pre-ordered it none the less. I'm just as stoked to play it as well.

Now your tone of being unimpressed at the sales of Returnal is dismissable, at best, as you don't have anything in your resume comparable enough to note. Though I'm sure your first game for the PS5 will sell millions upon release. When's that happening again?

TheRealTedCruz76d ago


So about 500k people decided a AA game made by a couple dozen people was allowed to ask for $70.
Good for the consumers.


"My resume"

I make more than almost every developer who worked on the project. Stop projecting. I'm almost 6 digits, and I don't pay for medical. Welcome to working union.

zacfoldor76d ago

I heard Monster Train is very good. I think it is coming to Switch soon as well.

SurgicalMenace76d ago

Almost 6 digits is cute, I remember making under 300k. You still pay taxes in your bracket. 🤣🤣 Though how much we make has little to do with what our contribution to the art is. We can make a million and no one even cares what we do.

We are here discussing people who make less than both of us, meaning that their contribution to the art is more pivotal than ours.

Note: At 6 figures or more, why would $70 even matter?🤔

Sayai jin76d ago

@SurgicalMenace, "At 6 figures or more, why would $70 even matter?". Although that comment wasn't left for me, I still think $70 for games is rubbish. Sure it's change for me, but I still don't pay more for something that isn't an actually necessity; and I was able to fully retire at age 42 and live very very comfortably to put it mildly. Although I live exceptionally well, I have never lost the value over a dollar.

SurgicalMenace76d ago

As do I live well but that which created my wealth involved the support from others for my offerings. I will forever support the same way that I've been supported, by paying the price asked instead of selfishly considering if I agree with it or not.

I've been retired from the world of working since I was 28, sir, and I'm free to do as I please. In saying as much, what I'm pleased to do is support a community that helped me grow in wealth no matter the asking price. These freedoms afforded to me are priceless. I remember the value of a dollar so much so that I give in a manner that allows those working on these titles to be encouraged and know they're appreciated. To each their own.

TheRealTedCruz76d ago


You're completely full of it lol.
"I remember when I made less than 300k" and "I retired at 28"

Yet you still feel the need to bicker on N4G. You're a joke within a joke.

SurgicalMenace76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Hey Mr. Cruz, you have to be mindful of all that salt as hypertension can be fatal.👨🏾‍⚕️ He thought his income was impressive ladies and gentle....isn't he adorable?!?! ‍🤣

Sayai jin76d ago

As with any industry, gaming devs deserve to get paid for their appropriately for their work. As such, they are already paid well on scope and index. This is well documented. Most games have microtransactions and the like to further boost the revenue of these companies. If those funds do not reach to their employees I would think your best interest to support the field in which you worked in, would be to rally for change in these companies hoarding most of their profits to the top echelon of these companies respectively.

TheRealTedCruz75d ago


Because nobody believes you.
Sorry man, but I make good money, but I'm not rich.
If I was making the money you're claiming, I wouldn't be trying to make myself look cool in N4G.

You're the one who brought money into the conversation before I did. You pegged me as someone who simply couldn't afford games because of my income.
Then I simply state I bring in a solid income, and you go off how your income highly trumps mine, and I'm just jealous.

Either way, guy, you're kind of pathetic. You're either someone with a whole lot if disposable income who still needs to be validated, or you're someone who doesn't have it, and needs to lie about their own life in order to be viewed as something more than they are.

SurgicalMenace74d ago

Dear Mr. Cruz,

My comment about income came after you brazenly stating how you made more than most devs on said project while not having to pay medical....🤔 Validation? From who? When a person states something with the accomplishments to back it up that is called a true account. Encompassing true confidence but I guess you'd have to have it to know it when you seen it.🤷🏾‍♂️

As Rich Dad, Poor Dad stated, "If you go in a room of broke people and say you made a million dollars, they'd say you're bragging."

Be assured that my comments are only aimed at jabbing individuals that are so impressed with themselves that they think their opinions matter. You speak as though your word is the end all be all. I simply asked what you created that could match 500k in sales? I simply stated that there are those who make more than you and are willing to pay what's asked without complaining about it. If you don't like it, don't pay.

I do have disposable income and I use it to have all the experiences that I want. When I don't like or disagree with something I've, at least, done my due diligence enough to invest in it first to know from experience instead of conjectures.

Hey but I guess I'm just trying to look cool in a public forum of faceless avatars who I have no personal interactions with....really makes sense when you DON'T think about it.🤣🤣

SurgicalMenace74d ago

Oh, and HADES is awesome....😁

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Sayai jin76d ago

Played both and I disagree. Although I wouldn't really compare the two games straight out.

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Elda77d ago

Will be picking this up this Friday.

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