Next Get Console War: Report 1

It's been two and a half months since that hectic November when the entire world's attention was focused on the video game industry. Sony and Nntendo launched their new PS3 and Wii consoles in North America. Microsoft's Xbox 360 console also did well, benefiting from the low shipments of the PS3 and Wii along with the sales success of Epic's action game Gears of War. Since then things have calmed down a little bit in the console wars but there is still a bit of sniping from all three sides and despite what certain financial analysts have predicted the truth is that this current console conflict is still up for grabs.

In this feature FiringSquad take a look at current state of the console war and give our recommendations to all three companies so they can come out on top.

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calderra4896d ago

Minor correction: Sony said TWO million launch units. They corrected to one only at the last moment after the two million was looking obviously unachievable. People are (again) letting Sony's PR machine roll over them. *sigh*

Pretty good article otherwise, with some great tips all around.

TheMART4896d ago

Correction on the correction

Sony first said 6 million units in 2006
Then they said 4 million units
Then 2 million
THen 1 million
Plus 500k @ launch, which became 250k in USA and 80k in Japan...

Devastator_oftheweak4896d ago

There is no point pointing out the lack of systems at launch on Sony's side because Microsoft had the same problem, Least Sony started to crank out more systems as soon as they could compared to the wait that I had to endure to get a 360, even had the damn thing reserved. Had to wait until March to be able to get my 360, and even then the 360 launch lineup was not the greatest, nothing truly showcased the hardware until dead rising and gears of war, sure there will be a slow down on the side of Sony, but give them a chance after all we all gave Microsoft the chance, be fair!

Dusk4896d ago

...Dead Rising and 8 months before Gears. Both games are high-end next-gen games. Additionally, COD2, Condemned, and PGR3 (some may argue PDZ, but I'll leave that alone) were all solid launch titles. The PS3 has Resistance. Sure, the PS3 will get better, but the reigning champ should have had a better launch, especially if one were to believe the hype.

Also, you seem to forget that the 360 launched in Europe as well as NA and Japan. The PS3 only launched in NA and Japan. MS actually sold more 360s (1.5 million) worldwide during its first holiday than the PS3 (1.1 million). The reason the 360 was much harder to find until March is simply because there was more demand for it and it was launched in three markets. The demand for the Wii is similar. The PS3 is the only console that has lesser demand than units in stock during its launch period, hence PS3s collecting dust on store shelves.

TheMART4896d ago

You really have a 360 Devastator?

Did you miss out on COD2, PGR3, Kameo, Condemned @ launch? The scores of those games are very good. THe PS3 only has Resistance in that league of reviews...

Like Dusty says, before Gears of War, there were so many other games also! Besides GRAW, there was also FNR3 (and that's really next gen if you compare it with the last gen versions, I have them running both besides each other), indeed Oblivion.

Those games couldn't be done last gen for sure. So they're next gen. Gears of War is of a different level, but that's not that strange. When hardware is out a bit longer, the games will evolve. Halo 3 will blow anything else away again. Gears of War 2 will do that a year after that...

DJ4896d ago

Sony's been keeping us in the dark about a LOT of franchies, as well as new IPs. I don't know why Mart is spreading false information about Sony's launch details though.

Sony originally promised 2 million units during launch, 4 million by the end of the year, and 6 million by March 2006. Laser-diode crap happened, but they're really cranking out those systems, so much that scalpers aren't even making any money off of them.

Covenant4896d ago

Pretty good article. It highlighted the positives of all 3 systems, and the negatives, as well; oftentimes the fanboys fail to see either argument for/against a system. (That's why they're fanboys).

MS has the best online service and offers the best game lineup (currently, with many good games in the pipe), but needs a price cut to accelerate sales and definitely needs to release a bigger HD soon, and at a reasonable price. Kill the Core system. They also need to address failing units (new one-year warranty helps) and their poor customer service. MS launched first, but has yet to pull away from its competitors. That's their biggest challenge now: Keeping (and extending) their lead.

Sony's got brand-name recognition and substantial last-gen dominance, along with some good exclusives (for now), but botched their PS3 launch (let's be honest, they did) and came across as arrogant to consumers and gamers alike. The high price of the system keeps it out of the hands of Average Jane and Joe, who were their bread-and-butter last generation. Blu-Ray is nice, and the higher disc capacity may be a factor in the future, but for now, it looks like an unneeded expense to the average consumer, who doesn't plan on buying a HDTV for a few more years and doesn't know Blu-Ray from a blueberry, let alone HD-DVD. More games will help (March) along with a significant price cut before the end of the year. Sony won't dominate this generation like the last, but they'll end up with a substantial user base. If they learn from their mistakes this time, maybe PS4 (or whatever they call it) will be better received.

The Wii somehow managed to find gaming's "G-Spot," if you will: An inexpensive system with broad appeal, fun games, and clever marketing, especially in light of the system's unfortunate name (insert joke here). Here's Nintendo's problem: How do you keep the Wii from stagnating, from becoming a console with a clever "gimmick" and only a few games that take advantage of said "gimmick?" Look at the ports of COD3 and Farcry...OK, but motion controls didn't do much for them. Games like Wii Play, Wario Ware, and the like may become more common than unusual...although the Wiimote is versatile enough that clever programming may find new and interesting ways to utilize it. Virtual Console is sweet, tho, and Ninty has hundreds and hundreds of games available for eventual download. And Nintendo HAS to start offering online play at some point.

My .02 worth. (Still wearing asbestos suit)

Captain Tuttle4896d ago

Nice summation of the article.