Skitching, Tasing, and Water Bottles in Skate 2

Skate 2 has gone all out on improving the physics from the first game for a more seamless skating experience. That means wall-kicks for faster turns in tight corners, movable objects within areas to create the ideal skate park on the go, and better ragdoll physics for amazing wipeouts on plastic water bottles. It also means grabbing the backs of cars (the aforementioned skitching), clotheslining other skaters and getting Tased by pedestrians.

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snow4life3600d ago

This is gonna be some sweeeeeet s**t =)

would be awsome if they made a snowboard game with the "same"
physics and realisme!!
we need a snowboard game like that!
i tought shaun white would come true, but he went straight into the woods...

but this is about skateboarding, and thats moooore than enough to get my jiggy on at the moment hehe:)