Diablo 2 Resurrected beta test dates announced

Blizzard reveals the Diablo 2 Resurrected beta test dates for the open and closed beta tests.

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bradfh77d ago

I would love to play diablo 2 again but will not support Blizzard again.

neutralgamer199277d ago

While that's your right but would you really be helping those who need help? None of the executives are working on this game so it's common folks the lower level developers who get bonus payments if this game does well

I don't agree with blizzard but let's not be so naive to think that's the only company where those things are happening. It is actually very common to have those issues in almost any big company. You always have bad apples sadly

bradfh77d ago

Bobby Kotick is still CEO and only care about his big bonus he laidoff people and only give them $200 in gift cards to well giving himself a bonus. to hire new people back at a lower price and ask for more skills for the same job a year later. I will never buy another game from blizzard with him still in charge.

neutralgamer199277d ago


That is truly sad when executives got big bonuses and they laid off 600+ people If I am not wrong. Hopefully this whole spotlight on the company can bring real change that make developers lives easier and more work friendly environment

ForNgoods77d ago

I'm considering buying this game used. F blizzard

Kados77d ago

Confirmed digital only. Cannot buy used.

TheDoomedGuy77d ago

Well I play games and not CEOs or morality so I'll co tune to play blizzard games if they release anything that interests me....I'm not looking to get back into diablo 2...diablo4 interests me only as a curiosity to compare with poe2.

With your moral sense though I think you should probably avoid most bug releases from big companies. This stuff to a lesser and greater degree occur in every big company. It's only a matter of time before the media finds out...or it'll stay hidden forever and we'll never know.

Terry_B77d ago

I will love and play the best game Blizzard ever made.

leemo1977d ago

Despite the shit going down with Blizzard, still looking forward to playing this masterpiece of a game.

Fluttershy7777d ago

Wow Classic was one of the greatest gaming experiences I've ever had, and even though it was a game made by Old Blizzy the re-launch by current Blizzard was stellar - I believe - (given the circumstances) Though it has become a bit trashy since then (I blame the community, Wow players behave like crack addicts).
I don't play modern Blizzard games, but I think we should support all these classic master pieces re- releases, because its like telling them exactly what we want

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The story is too old to be commented.