Pokemon UNITE Review: A Unique Fast-Paced Take on The MOBA Genre - KeenGamer

KeenGamer: "Pokemon Unite is a unique entry in the pool of Handheld MOBA Genre. The popular franchise brought in our favorite Pokemon characters as well as unique mechanics that provide a fast-paced experience in every match. With fun game modes such as 5v5 and 3v3, players are sure to find an endless amount of enjoyment in this wonderful game."

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Inverno76d ago

It's the opposite of fast paced. You move so sluggishly in this it's unbearable

stupidusername76d ago

Tencent have not made it easy to like this game with all the mts, but I love that each game only lasts ten minutes. I’ve soon reached master rank without using a single dollar so I’m surprised that the pay2win aspect hasn’t been more apparent. (My items are in level 20, 18 and 16.)
Zapdos also gives too much of an advantage to the team that gets the last hit. You can be losing the whole game, but you can still crush the opponent if you get zapdos in the last two minutes.