The Dark Knight Blu-ray: How to Get the Most Out of It

"Where The Dark Knight can penetrate that other Blu-ray Disc films have had trouble is the gaming audience on Playstation 3. I've always felt The Dark Knight was the best shot at getting PS3 gamers to shift their thinking from DVD to Blu-ray Disc. After doing a quick web search this thought may not be far off base.

A trio of separate user comments at, a haven for gamers, state "This will be the first Blu-ray movie I buy, that's for sure," "...this is actually the very first blu-ray movie i will buy on release date from excitement" and "This is going to be my first Blu-Ray movie purchase." Surely they aren't alone.

Taking into consideration how many potential thousands of Playstation 3 owners and new Blu-ray Disc player owners there are out there about to make The Dark Knight their inaugural Blu-ray viewing experience, I felt it best to toss together a quick and simple "newbie" guide. How do you get the best audio out of The Dark Knight? Why does the screen shape seem to change? How come you can't access the BD-Live features? Read on."

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ablecain3603d ago

I'm hoping to get several blu-ray movies this Christmas, and they will be my first (even though I've had my PS3 for about half a year now).

I really don't understand all the technical stuff, but it sounds good, and it's nice to know that the PS3 is the best blu-ray player on the market.

Can't wait for Dark Knight, among others (Wall-E, Transformers, etc.)

cactuschef3603d ago

Just know that Bluray = high definition. DVD = standard definition

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wallace10003603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I would like the add that the PS3 is on par with atleast two stand alone players now for blu-ray playback. If you happen to also want a games console then the PS3 is the best value for money, but if you only want movie playback then the PS3 is not the way to go.

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Radiodread3603d ago

2 bad 360 owners will be playing this on DVD9. haha

cactuschef3603d ago

Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahaha

Shadow Man3603d ago

xbox live media center that lets you play Blu-ray rips on your xbox 360 free of charge and no blu-ray drive require. The Dark knight WMV HD looks awesome on my HD television.

NegativeCreep4273603d ago

Shadow Man: Please cut the B.S. and shut the hell up. You're f'n eyes are turning brown with all the nonsense you constantly spew.

But yeah I'm glad. I already got my copy on blu-ray earlier this morning and its great to know that all those xbox butt-buddies that always get behind the inferior formats (first HD-DVD, DVD-9 will soon follow) won't be able to enjoy The Dark Knight on Blu-Ray; Its reserved for only the luxury PS3 owners who actually have jobs and social lives.

Shadow Man3603d ago

PS3 owners like my friend enjoy blu-ray rips with Linux in mkv format, with a 12gb size limit. The Dark Knight MKV looks awesome on his HD television.

akaFullMetal3603d ago

shadow man
i dont think anyone cares that your trying to steal batman, we have blu-ray, you should get one too.

GrandTheftZamboni3603d ago

What happened? I thought upscaling DVDs was good enough.
Anyway, I'm glad that more people are adopting high-def.

Marquis_de_Sade3603d ago

Are you aware stand alone Blu-Ray players exist Mr Fanboy?

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LokMessier3603d ago

1.) A HDTV
2.) A PS3.
3.) Surround Sound.
4.) A considerable amount of Popcorn.
5.) A nice beverage
6.) Lights down low.
7.) A nice comfortable couch.
8.) A foot rest.
9.) Remote.
10.) Turning off all house phones, pagers and cell phones.


Graphics Whore3603d ago

Haha, well for us audiophiles you need more than just any old hdtv and surround sound.

LokMessier3603d ago

I bet, that's the set-up we currently have at my house so I figured I'd just post something that I've done and have grown accustomed to. Gotta say though even though the speakers or old I like having them plastered all around the basement. So that even if I'm upstairs I can still hear everything from downstairs and even from outside the house. May be old, but still love the 'ol surround sound for some reason :p

Kleptic3603d ago

i'll have to get a picture of my setup for this...its my cylindrical SVS PC12 powered sub that 'completes' the HT in my home...if that is the correct way to put it...

LokMessier3603d ago

Just googled it real quick and not being as techy as a lot of other people or my sister, I'm curious to know how well is the sound produced from it? Or better yet I should rephrase that as how good is the sound quality from it? I know a bit about subs' but not enough to tell which brand has dominance over another, which produced more bass, trembs, etc.

Prototype3603d ago

LokMessier I didnt know you was a fan of Final Fight, thats my #2 game of all time (by the pic of Poison)

Anyways I still have my movie ticket when I saw the midnight release which my boys sat on the floor (I had to sit next to some nasty females). I got dibs on this at Best Buy when it comes out :D

LokMessier3603d ago

Loved Final Fight, dunno why I've always just used a pic of poison find that character to be mysterious I suppose [ back when no one knew what the hell it was :p say it because didn't know if it was a 'he' or a 'she']

Wish I still had my ticket, somewhere in this house...:/ The DVDs ones are apparently already out or have been out for some time. At least at my store we had a whole packaging of those DVDs out at least just a few weeks before thanksgiving o_O. Manager showed me the few that were still in the shrink wrap and just put them back behind the counter. Things like that I hate the most, wish they'd just release things when they get it instead of dragging it out till a certain date >_>.

Prototype3603d ago

Your thinking of Roxy as the cross-dresser, Poison was the real female. In the Arcade version if you look real closely you will notice Roxy looking like a guy however in the Sega CD version both look like females.

Anyways I'm gonna get the Blu Ray version since I want the extra s-it it comes with and the comic thats included with it

shawnsl653603d ago

don't forget the gaming chair (not the cheap ass ones).. the rumble it adds during the action scene is bad ass! I need to perfect my calibration on my TV. The 120hz makes everything sooooooooo real.. sometime it's just TOO REAL.

Prototype3603d ago

My gaming chair is my futon, or the toilet - whichever comes first

LokMessier3603d ago

Like I said poison was always so mysterious to me, never could tell back in the day and was confused quite a bit. Also yay for extras :D!

boodybandit3603d ago

I have a few SVSubs myself. A B4-Plus with a 5000 watt Crown amp and dual SVS PB13 Ultras. They are both incredible with Blu Ray movies.

I can't wait to pick up Dark Knight to give my boys a workout tonight.

wallace10003603d ago

I agree with Graphics Whore. Plus if you don't have a new HDMI receiver then you won't want the PS3 because it does not have analog outputs and you are limited to Dolby Digital.

LokMessier3603d ago

Well we have both, HDMI and composite cables [ friend gave me the composite sister has the HDMI] So we both have two PS3s. I think my sister has one of those subs? So I think either way, we'd pretty much be set :p

[last bubble :(]

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Dark General3603d ago

This will definitely be my first Blu-Ray disk. I'm hoping i get it for christmas. I've dropped a few hints but don't know if someone picked up on it.

PikkonX3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Anyone noticed just how much advertising Disney, Sony, and Walmart are finally doing for Blu ray? The commercials seem to be on constantly and it must be working because I had 3 co-workers today (two of them above the age of 50) ask me about Blu ray. Two of them are going to get a regular player for Christmas and the other is getting a PS3.

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