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The Ascent is the latest cyberpunk title on the market, but with clunky combat and a weak story, it exists as another disappointment.

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SullysCigar117d ago

It's like Cyberpunk games are doomed to suck these days.

TheRealTedCruz117d ago

Game has a mostly positive rating on Steam, and still sits as one of the best selling titles, despite being on gamepass.
User reviews for every platform via Metacritic are very high.
And for me, personally, I don't know a single person who has played it who didn't really enjoy it.
Most of my friends either beat it, or are far into it.

I don't see how anyone can give this thing any less than a 6 without being dishonest, and purposely trying to hate on the game.

It's a solid twin stick with some interesting new mechanics, a great looking world, and only minor bugs and issues to be had. Not sure how that earns it a 4/10, but these smaller sites love finding ways to get a few extra clicks. I do know that much.

darthv72116d ago

I just set my series s to download this earlier today. Had to go to work so i will fire it up when i get home later. I have heard good things about it and GP makes it easy to try before I buy. I personally like twin stick style games so I highly doubt this is worthy of such a low score. I will decide for myself.

KillBill116d ago

I am reading so many people saying they have "seen" it and it just isn't what they expected. Absolutely having not played it at all and just reading hated reviews and possibly seen short videos. I myself don't like dual stick iso games but this one changed my mind and has me hooked. Same thing happened with tactical games I used to hate until I played X-Com. always a game out there that makes a game style worth playing. This game is that for me and dual stick iso-metric games.

116d ago
VivaChe117d ago

I wouldn’t go as low as 4 but I admit it isn’t as good as I was hoping

KillBill117d ago

When I first played it I didn't give it a chance and was confused with how to shoot and fight. But after I revisited I was able to get out of the beginning levels and into the real game with a new learned understanding of how to deal with numerous enemies and fight with different cyber perks and weapons. My go to is a leveled up pistol and leveled up shotty... while cybers change based on quest I am working towards.

dbcoops117d ago

A 69 on metacritic too, ouch! I remember this being pretty heavily hyped as an xbox exclusive, thought it looked pretty good and I like twin stick shooters a lot but apparently this one is more of a Decent in terms of game quality.

KillBill117d ago

8.1 user score tells the real story. Game is great.

dbcoops117d ago

There's multiple user reviews you can tell are from the same person making multiple accounts, the comment literally starts with the same wording or very similar. User reviews are hardly trust worthy as people will make alts to boost the score. I'll take the critical reviews on this one as they aren't posting multiple times to influence the score one way or the other.

Abear21116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Okay but The Real Truth is usually somewhere in the middle

Edit:I still upvoted you lol

TheRealTedCruz117d ago

It's a 74 on PC, and the user reviews are all around 8 or higher.
The game is getting good reviews on Steam, where you need an account with a verified purchase to review.
It's also still in the top sellers, despite being weeks since launch and also on gamepass.

ACG who, as far as I am concerned, is one of the most trusted reviewers in the business, gave it a glowing review.

Nah, I'll stick with the consumer vote on this one.

dbcoops116d ago

No need for the sarcastic attitude bud its just not for me based on what I've seen, didn't meet my expectations.

116d ago
TheRealTedCruz114d ago

"Just not for me" and "no need to be sarcastic" yet the comment I responded to was meant to s**t on the game, and mentions how it was pushed by MS and Gamepass.

All I did was take the one bit of information you provided, and give an alternative take on it, based on a lot more information.

Even your second comment only served to try to discredit everyone out there who are vocally for it, thus I provided the information that the user reviews for the game on Steam are good, and generated from thousands of reviews. So not only is it not Xbox bias, being this is on a 3rd party storefront, outside of MS, they're also verified buyers, so they can't be part of this apparently rampant fake review buffing you're highly worried about skewing the numbers.

dbcoops114d ago

You're the one being hostile and defensive and making this about gamepass which I literally never even mentioned. It was hyped for xbox that's just a fact of the matter rather you like it or not, as is the fact it didn't live up to the hype critically, also a fact and not my fault. You replied to me not the other way around, you attacked my comment and I see you do it a lot on this site to other commenters and there's no need for it. I should be able to voice my concerns for the game which by the way are legitimate as I wanted the game to be reviewed better critically so its a bummer but I should be able to express that without being harassed for it. There's no need to white knight for every game people disagree with you about all it does is make the N4G comments section a hostile place to be. Its just a game, our opinions on it differ, its not a big deal so relax.

TheRealTedCruz113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

I brought up gamepass being it goes hand in hand with the majority of N4G anymore. If you're a day one gamepass title you're a "GaaS" title or you're "shovelware who wouldn't sell otherwise".

All I did was point out that you were being disingenuous in the overall take for the game. You chose to pick out the worst reviewed version of the game, tried to delegitimize the user reviews that felt otherwise, and then choose to call me out for simply making light of that fact.

The game isn't perfect. It has flaws. It's also still highly regarded by consumers, is still one of the best sellers on Steam, despite being on Gamepass.
That's the fact of the matter. Gamers, for the most part, really like it.

Game reviewers don't mean anything, and I am one.
The opinion of several doesn't trump that of thousands who have purchased the game and decided if they had liked the game or not.

dbcoops113d ago

"If you're a day one gamepass title you're a "GaaS" title or you're "shovelware who wouldn't sell otherwise".

You're letting stuff other people said affect the conversation here when it has nothing to do with it, I never said any of those things so bringing them into the conversation is pointless, you cant blame me or use things others say here as an excuse to attack me personally.

Wanting the game to review well critically because I was looking forward to it and being disappointed that it didn't is not what being disingenuous is, that word gets thrown around here a lot on this site and more often then not its used incorrectly All I did was state why I lost interest in the game, its my right to choose whichever reviews I prefer to follow as it is yours but I didn't attack you for your choice like you did me.

"The opinion of several doesn't trump that of thousands"

That's your opinion, which you're entitled to but I stand by what I said. End of conversation for me.

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LoveSpuds117d ago

Seems a little harsh, I will still look to pick this up when it eventually sees a launch n PS5.

KillBill117d ago

"You are encouraged to raise your weapon to hit critical spots on your enemies; however, due to the isometric nature of the game, it can prove difficult to judge the height of your adversaries, leading to a lot of missed shots and frustrating deaths. This aiming system can be paired with cover in order to outlast your enemies. On paper, this works well—in practice it just leads to more frustration." - this here says a lot about the reviewer and his not understanding the basics of the gun play. The raising of the weapon is to shoot from beyond cover or shoot at enemies on a different level than you like when climbing steps to an area or hiding behind boxes/cars/etc. Keeping you out of range while able to hit enemy. Raising the aim while shooting the small creatures at the start will make you miss all your shots if you are on same level as them.

"...gunfights, despite being well soundtracked, become very repetitive and uninspired." -m again, boils down to him having little understanding of how to combat enemies. You can't simply hide and shoot from cover. You have to go in and out of cover while moving when needed to and putting yourself at best advantage for weapons you choose to use.

"I found that all of the text within the game was far too small and prohibited me from diving into the story." - he literally blames his poor vision for what he claims is lack in story. You can't say the story isn't good because you can't read small print. How can they let this guy review anything? Note I am near legally blind and was able to deal with the text reading just fine.

This game is a GREAT game. I normally hate dual stick iso-metric games but this game proved to change that thought for me. If a game can make me like a gameplay that I normally hate then it has me sold. GOTY contender for me so far.

And I am going to say this for the first time to this critic because it seems to fit him with his idea of poor gunplay in the game. GET GOOD!

Kavorklestein117d ago

I love it and it has me hooked.
Sure it's buggy, but a 4 is nothing more than a total f-tard showing us his review of HIS ability to actually game.

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