Xbox 360: Japanese XNA Game Demo

Here are some videos and screens of a Japanese XNA game early in its development.

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Nascasho4907d ago

Watching this video shows me exactly what the XNA Framework can do, which is in fact looking to be something pretty cool. Where do I sign up?

candystop4907d ago

Thats looking pretty nice already and I cant wait to see what developers start doing with XNA! This tool well help differentiate the games on 360 compared to PS3 by a huge margin once things start to roll out!

DC RID3R4907d ago

capabilities should really take a hard look at themselves and say........................... .......... "I'm sorry"

This japanese dev is sick, wait till the game is complete!!

BIadestarX4907d ago

DJ what do you think about the XNA right about now? The best party about the XNA framework is that it will continue to evolve (like xbox live); so I can only imagine what it's going to be like for the next xbox...

consolewar4907d ago

who knows some C#,C++? The rest of us can only dream