Resident Evil Village August 10th Update improves performance, full patch notes

Capcom released another PC update for Resident Evil Village that promises to further improve overall performance.

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Tacoboto76d ago

Good to see that they're still working to improve the PC version. I'll give Mercs another play tomorrow.

By the time DLC is ready, I wonder if they'll go to the effort of a 120hz/FSR-enabled mode for consoles.

foker76d ago

Doubt anyone would care,.. It is overrated,.. I am just clearing last merc Cowboy trophy for plat,.. and then I am done with this.

pietro121276d ago

If you didn't like game why did you play it? Lmao

dreamed76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

As a long time resi fan since it's inception..I agree with you buddy...I've completed it once and that was enough... funny because I always get hyped over resident evil... And play them to death...but not this one

Chriswheeler2275d ago

Overrated but you are getting the platinum trophy? Clearly you enjoyed it

foker75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Look I like it,.. It is a decent game ,.. it is just people hyping it up way too much,.. 7 was better in every way... Maybe lack of knife slash decalls bothered me (or the thing where most of glass bottles are indestructable,.. I mean they had all those things in 7,.. It is like how they made 3 remake worse than 2 with dismemberment mostly gone ,.. or animations of zombies reverting to 12fps when you are 2 meters away,.. I mean,.. It is details like that that or lack thereof that keep you immersed,.. It is also very strangely put together,.. and yes I did finish it 4-5 times for trophies,.. and I can see the flaws,.. It is really not that great,.. (not as scary as 7 even) amd Mercs is lazily tacked on.

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76d ago
camel_toad76d ago

I'm starting to wonder if this will ever get a happy surprise vr version. That's the whole reason I haven't touched the game.