Report: Rainbow Six Extraction Shop and Skins Surface From Dev Build by Disgruntled QA

The Rainbow Six Extraction shop and Operator skins have surfaced based on a dev build leaked by an unhappy QA for the game. Video and screenshots are out! Check it before Ubisoft takes it down.

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Crazyglues76d ago

feel sorry for the people who are going to buy this thinking it's going to be a good game and get burnt... This looks like trash, just watching the demo I fell asleep... sad Ubisoft couldn't put more work into this, it could have been really amazing... oh well, I'll pass...

roboteye76d ago

Some of those are straight up Kamen Rider.

staticall76d ago

This is one of the biggest problems with "AAA" games from the last 5-6 years. They care more about microtransaction store, reusing assets, selling you a game bit by bit, piece by piece and taking as much money from you as they physically can.

Optimizing the game and fixing the bugs? Nah, just make it online-only, we can push hotfixes that way for the worst bugs.
Releasing a finished product? Nah, just call it a "live service".
Make you feel rewarded for playing the game? Nah, just add a slo-o-ow progression and a store, so even bad or lazy players can pay for their own rewards.
Want interesting gameplay? Nah, it will just barely tolerable, just enough to keep you playing more and more, earning them ranks.

It's the same tactics as in any free-to-play mobile garbage games. But this "AAA" games are from huge (m|b)illion dollar publishers and it costs $60-$70 (and even more in some regions) + DLC + macrotransaction (i know it's called «microtransactions», but, IMO, anything about $0.99 can't be called "micro") + preorder bonuses + whatever else they think of later.

Rachel_Alucard76d ago

I'm glad people hated on this trash from the get go. It'll be like Marvel Avengers all over again, just nothing appealing and used as a vehicle to sell skins over any game.