Metal Gear Creator Hideo Kojima Is "Afraid" Of A Future Without Physical Media

"I would be a have-not. That's what I'm afraid of" Like it or not, we're headed towards a world where media is consumed digitally rather than physically.

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isarai655d ago

Makes the rumors of him making a cloud game
with MS pretty unlikely after this.

agnosticgamer655d ago (Edited 655d ago )

I believe you will be sadly mistaken...

"Kojima is apparently very interested in making a cloud-based horror game."
"If Grubb's sources are legit on this one, then we should expect to hear more about this partnership this year, perhaps at The Game Awards show"

Just because someone doesn't necessarily like where the future is heading doesn't mean they haven't accepted it. This article (link provided above) clearly states Kojima's interest in the cloud. Will this happen according to anyone with any inside knowledge regarding the deal says YES... But, of course, anything can happen and any deal can fall apart until it's official. But unless you can show something other than this article... I would think all signs still point to yes.

melons655d ago

Me too pal, me too. It's just not the same.

plmkoh655d ago

Dystopian future, where you don't own any of your assets.

NeoGamer232655d ago

To begin with media is a consumable not an asset. Tomorrow they can stop making CD Players, Blu-Ray players, etc. and the media would be worthless when your player dies. Media is just a mechanism to deliver the entertainment art. Every time I buy a game digitally, I download it to a special set of storage hard drives. So that if it is de-listed, I can still bring it back. That is just as good as owning a media disc.

Also you don't own anything when you buy the media except for a license. The thought that you own entertainment is wrong. You simply own a license to play the entertainment. It is like buying a "pass" more then it is actually owning something.

I do not like the idea of there being control of what is available or not via digital media. I think there should be laws against removing people's access to their digital purchases. And I think there should be laws requiring continuity to digitally purchase assets. Every digital store takes a percentage of sales and makes huge dollars from them. They should be required to get escrow copies of the code for every app/game in their stores. And if the developer/publisher goes bankrupt or walks away from the app/game, then the store should either be obliged to provide a refund or take the code and keep it running for digital owners.

BrainSyphoned655d ago

So the 2 million dollars from the sealed Mario Bros that sold 3 days ago isn't an asset?

NeoGamer232655d ago

Nope,it is a collectible. And I have lot of collectibles, but they are not an asset because I would never sell them.

DMgHalt654d ago

Not sure what's up with all the down votes you got, because everything you said is factually accurate.

NeoGamer232652d ago

A lot of people have a hard time accepting reality.

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