Top Ten hottest PS3 games for 2009

Gameplayer writes: As mentioned in our sister article Top Ten hottest Xbox 360 games for 2009, Christmas 2008 is pretty much 'done and dusted' for us gamers. Prince of Persia marked the very last big release of the year, and it's passing onto store shelves essentially means two things: first, we have a ridiculous stash of AAA games to play through, and secondly we have to make frantic junkie plans to score our next fix.

Presented here, for your own personal edification, are ten of the hottest games that we plan to play in the new year…

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Spike473693d ago

Killzone 2 and God of War 3 day 1 purchase. Sony has done a good job prepping this up along with the devs.

Did they forget Infamous?

Cajun Chicken3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

They bloody did forget Infamous AND no-ones mentioning Prototype.

ThatCanadianGuy3693d ago

They also forgot White Knight chronicles i believe..

INehalemEXI3693d ago

T6:BR,RE5,FF13VS,WKC...and I know im missing some more.

CloudsEnd3693d ago

Shouldnt Brutal Legend get released this year?

Btw. WKC shouldve been mentioned.. and so should Versus XIII too B/

Kleptic3693d ago

the punishing list of exclusive content was unfair to competitors I guess...maybe that is why they dropped infamous for Skate 2?...thats the only thing I could see to justify such a blatantly incorrect opinion...

goflyakite3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Infamous was in their 'Honorable Mentions', but it should have been in the top 10 imo.

Damn though, so many great exclusives coming out. The multi-platform games are looking sick too.

It's too bad though, I know I won't get around to playing them all.

buy a ps33693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

yes and sony made the bulk of those the games well the economy was still good. therefore Microsoft is pretty screwed their getting sued left and right and are making much less profit every 360 they sell due to the price drop. they have no games and and can't make any more because they have no money.

mrdxpr23693d ago

well guys um its top 10 not top 20 not much space to put all the great games ps3 is gona have next year.... unlike the 360 that is gona have what worth getting games exclusive mmmmmmm wait im still trying to think ouch my head hurts theres nothing.... oh well sony 2 years in a row with kick as$ games... 2008 year of ps3 sony had good sales up until ms gave a second price cut cause the 1st didnt do much remember.... oh and sony is still dominating ms overseas.... cant wait for GOD of WAR 3 :( i want it now well im gona go camp in front of game stop i heard there is a line alread yfor GOW3 im gona be # 7 :(

DViOUS1ONE3693d ago

I only get Sony Exclusive games why? I don't I just think they're better made and getting multiplatform games are kool if they're sports game which are the only multiplatform games I own
So KZ 2, GT 5, GOW 3, Uncharted 2, WKC, Infamous, Heavy Rain and any other good Exclusives games coming out are the only games I'm getting and maybe just maybe FFXIII

shovelbum3692d ago

Wow took only one post before comparing the lineup to the 360. Yeah and 2008 is the year of the PS3. Many of the exclusives this year have sucked on both PS3 and 360 so I don't throw too much credit into a consoles exclusive game until I've played it (Haze anyone). Anyway back on topic, the list is shaping up quite well and I see several first day purchases and a few that I won't even rent. Uncharted 2 will be the greatest looking game ever (on a console) and it has the gameplay to match unless they do something completely unexpected with the controls and I don't see that happening. COD:MW2 and AC2 should be in that top 10 as well.

prowiew3692d ago

God of war and killzone for me. Maybe heavy rain. I also would like to hear more of brutal legends. Looks like fun.
As for infamous, this game hasnt captured me.

acedoh3692d ago

For any gamer. There is really something for everyone and there are several games that weren't even mentioned. Killzone 2 to start off the year is a great kick off. Hopefully we will see Gran Turismo 5 as that would add the cherry on top for me.

Beast_Master3692d ago (Edited 3692d ago )

I don't like the list.
My list:
1 KZ2
2 GoW3
3. RE5
4. Uncharted 2
5. COD:MW2
6. Infamous
7. Ico Game or R&C 2
8. Street Fighter 4
9. Bio Shock 2
10 Assains Creed 2.

Not a racing fan or RPG fan so please forgive me for not having White Knight, FF13 and GT5. And I have no interest in Skate 2.

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TheHater3693d ago

I will be getting Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, God of War 3 (Hopefully it is release next year), Heavy Rain, White Knight and Infamous on day one. I am not a racing fan so GT5 will not be for me. As for Final Fantasy XIII, I am not too confident in Square Enix ability to produce quality JRPG. Base on the crap they release on the xbox 360 this year, I will wait to try this game out before buying it.

Kleptic3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

dude...agreed...FFXIII is completely off my radar because of their recent suckage...and even then, 2009 in anywhere but Japan is extremely unlikely for release...

you wouldn't be the same "Hater" from the Killzone 2 beta, would you? I saw a response, possibly from you, about how you constantly killed some kid...and he wasn't having it or something...

TheHater3693d ago

dude I wish I had the Killzone 2 beta :(. Sadly it wasn't me :(

Back to Final Fantasy XIII
I have to agree. I don't think Final Fantasy XIII make it to Europe or the States until early 2010. The demo disk is coming in March for the PS3 in Japan, and the final game should be release around September or somewhere around there. Plus both MS and Square Enix have confirmed that Final Fantasy XIII would be release both on the PS3 and Xbox 360 on the same day outside of Japan.

Kleptic3693d ago

MS and SE confirmed day and date outside of Japan?...I heard MS say that...then SE quickly said 'we won't start developing the 360 version until FFXIII is finished on the PS3, and being localized for the rest of the world'...which left a pretty large gray localization takes months, and a port of the game could easily take a year if quality was of any concern...

to me it sounded like MS was trying very hard to get it day and date, yet the contract hadn't been finalized SE wouldn't confirm anything...reminds me of GTAIV DLC... MS says 'DLC will release by November for GTAIV'...then Rockstar was like 'ha, wrong'...and here we are...

either way...if SE waits to release a completely finished and localized PS3 FFXIII to the rest of the world outside Japan...because of a bribe from MS to wait until the 360 version is finished...SE may officially become the Atari of japanese publishers, at least outside of Japan...but like I said...there recent stuff has me in such a state of not caring about anything SE...I don't really care either way...

Timesplitter143693d ago

I see lots of exclusives...

unlike the only 2 worthy exclusives the X360 has for next year

Whoooop3693d ago


Take note Microsoft...

SONY is once again delivering on their first party supremacy.

KZ2, Infamous, GOW3, Heavy Rain, GT5, Uncharted 2, FF13(Japan), WKC(NA)...

I mean, it's unreal... (not the engine) ;)

GiantEnemyCrab3693d ago (Edited 3693d ago )

Again huh?

Like they did this year?? Yeah sure okay.

I think you should switch back to your laughing guy avatar because that is what I do whenever I read your MS bashing posts in the comments and forums.

$ony's 09 lineup does look impressive so I do hope MS has something to challenge it. They have some but need more.

mrdxpr23693d ago

yeah like they did this year ....

TheHater3693d ago

Quick find the weak spot for massive damage :)

ICUP3693d ago

Don't be mad GiantEnemyCrab just take your pill and go back to bed.

TruthBTold3693d ago

LOL.. dont worry, if you stand still and dont make a sound it will crawl back to its hole.

MUNKYPOO3692d ago

im surprised giant enemy crab actually said that sony has an impressive line up for next year. all this time i thought you were just a fanboy. bubbles

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