Dying Light 2 Will Be Full of Easter Eggs, Techland Spills Beans on Hidden One in First Game

Like the original, Dying Light 2 will be full of Easter eggs, referencing many old and new movies, other games, and even the first game. Techland also shared one Easter egg in the first Dying Light that stemmed from the game's development.

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excaliburps78d ago

I hope the post-launch support is the same as the first one. :D

Pedrof77d ago

Their approch to Dual Sense seems a bit underwhelming... Like, they won't make something too great for other platforms owners not to be jealous ? Come on... And it's not like PC players can't enjoy Dual Sense, cf. Metro Exodus.

toxic-inferno77d ago

I was so excited when I first discovered World 1-1 in Dying Light. Just finding the warp pipe was exciting enough, but then to be treated to a (only slightly glitchy) version of the classic level.

Even better though is that the unique equipment for completing the level is actually quite fun and useful for certain other parts of the game. A fantastic example of an easter egg!

Aussieguy77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

So is this game getting a full PS5 release, anyone know? Its ok, I saw another article further down and it talks about next gen and the ps5, cant wait.