Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - Optimized For Xbox Series X|S

Relive Senua's journey and experience her world through new eyes in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, now optimised for Xbox Series X|S. Available now with enriched visuals, DirectX Raytracing, resolution mode and more.

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OptimusDK165d ago

Nice - that is how it shold be done ... free update for enriched visuals, DirectX Raytracing, resolution etc.

Darkborn165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Was that a sleight on playstation for charging $10 for duelsense features, 3D audio and more? Funny that Xbox doesn't have those features. I'm not super into the $10 upgrades they are charging either, but they own those features and it their right to charge for it, especially if the competition doesn't have it.

165d ago
TheRealTedCruz165d ago

Oh look, Darkborn going on a tangent because he chooses to over-read into a comment, and gets offended because he thinks it's a slight against Sony.

Have never seen that one before.

Either way, I agree with Diety;
You shouldn't be defending minimal upgrades behind a paywall.

ABizzel1165d ago

The problem is there's no standard.

For Xbox Auto-HDR, FPS Boost, and some of these features are all part of DirectX, which is a Windows toolset and benefits Xbox since it runs a Windows Kernel. There's not much that needs to be done, to outside of play testing to make sure everything is running well, and maybe a tweak here or there.

On the flip-side PlayStation is running a self-made Linux for their OS, and that means they often have to find 3rd party compatible tools, update the last-gen tools, or make them from scratch for their console each time they release a new console.

Windows is always going to be on billions of devices and that's excluding Xbox, any given PS OS is only going to be on around 100 - 150 million consoles.

I don't fault Sony for charging for upgrades if there is a meaningful enough reason to do so like additional content. However, Xbox has the overall better implementation by simply updating the game by taking the High/Ultra Settings from the PC version and then adding their DirectX benefits on top of it.

This is why IMO, Sony needs to work with a major OS creator and co-create the tools they need on the software/OS side, because this is an area Xbox is a generation ahead of them, because Microsoft has been doing this as their bread and butter of their company for over 50 years now, whereas, Sony's first real gaming OS was in 2005 with the PS3.

They need to partner with Google and help get funding from them by developing these tools for Android OS, using a Google custom created Android Kernel for PlayStation. This is a partnership Google would die to have, because it will drastically improve performance of Android games, and even see the potential release of some PS classics on Android Marketplace, as well as, key Android games being compatible with PlayStation, and more importantly the potential birth of a PSP / PSV successor in the form of a PlayStation tablet.

Livingthedream165d ago

Darkborn, weird ass comment to make. Let’s put it in perspective for you. MS doesn’t have those options/features to offer right? Sony does right? So the options/features MS has to offer they add for free, pretty good right? Sony decides to charge you for those features on a previously released title, and you defend them. You state they (Sony) owns them, then why charge your most loyal base for that; anyway you’re absolutely right, it’s their right to charge for them, but from the looks of things MS looks more consumer friendly right now:

Killer73nova165d ago

Just because they own it doesn't mean it's right to charge for it.

-Hermit-165d ago

Darkborn, that is why you bought the console for $500. You already paid for those features when you bought the console, so you shouldn't have to pay for them again when they are included in a game.

4Sh0w165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Wow, some people will defend anything...I mean Im one of those who understands costs go up so I could understand if a games costs went up to $70 vs the $60 price tag from more than a decade ago but no gamers cried and course now we have microtransactions, gambling and more money grab BS schemes in games now so thats better right? But I digress...paying for extra features a console has per game is just bad, either put it in the console cost up front or suck it up. Theres reasonable ways to make profits and then theres just GREED.

On topic this game looks a good way.

itsmebryan165d ago

Xbox has had 3d audio since 2017. Xbox one was the first console with 3d audio.

Sonyslave3165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Lol 3d audio u do know ms been doing 3d audio going back to xbox one smh check out gears 5 3d audio xbox one.

Xbox had 3d audio going back to 2017 n it was the console to have it.

Ausbo165d ago

Not sure where you have been, but I’ve been using 3D audio on my Xbox for years now.

IRetrouk165d ago

Deity the ps5 adds hdr to everything, it also boosts lots of games framerates too, some even get a res boost, all for free.
Don't forget, the features added were not part of the original code, they charge extra for any extra dev time that goes into the extra features, weather that be haptics and adaptive triggers, new lip syncing, or reworking the textures, framerate or resolutions, which as much as I would prefer them free, it's understandable that they aren't, I don't work for free and don't expect the devs to either, ms should be applauded for this though, no doubt.

SyntheticForm165d ago

Lol. Lighten up; the dude's just happy that it's getting upgraded. Everyone accepts that not everything can be free, but this one's free, and that's a good thing.

What a strange reply.

Petebloodyonion165d ago

Why is it that every PlayStation fans seem to forget that tempest 3d audio is just Sony's own encoding similar to Dolby Atmos and Window Sonic?
And even funnier to know that this new important, must buy, game-changing technology has been around on Xbox since 2017.

Darkborn165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Every game that is getting a ps5 upgrade that's a Sony first party already got a ps5 fps and res bump for free you guys. That was free incase you missed it, days gone, the last of us 2, death stranding, God of War, horizon, spiderman, and more got a FREE upgrade from Sony. They are charging for features that nobody but Sony owns. They own the duelsense controller with more than just rumble features some one mentioned. You clearly never tried a duelsense sir. The ps4 controller has like 10 features the current Xbox series controllers doesn't have. The duelsense has even more features than that. Why would a company that makes money primarily from video game development and hardware not charge for a feature they spent millions on? 3D audio is also something they implent which the competition doesn't have a 3D audio engine baked into the hardware. It's stuff that Microsoft DOESN'T HAVE in case the people in the back are still deaf.

LucasRuinedChildhood165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

You can praise the quality of Sony's games while still fairly criticizing them, and you can also do the same for MS and Nintendo. We still have the PS3 Store because many fans like myself were willing to criticize Sony even when others made excuses.

I'm a PS guy but the upgrade fees are obviously not necessary when you look at the amount of free upgrades we've seen (Metro Exodus, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, FF7, Miles Morales, Borderlands 3, Crash 4, Doom Eternal, etc).

Ghost Of Tsushima's PS5 port is indisputably quite barebones compared to many of those ports, especially Metro Exodus (a huge upgrade). Even EA are doing these things for free. C'mon. The €10 upgrade is bullshit. The €20 fee for Spider-Man Remastered was also terrible.

The €10 upgrade for Death Stranding is much better because at least there's actually a lot of new content included. That's understandable, but that's about it.

This tactic is being done to force users to get used to higher prices (€80 games).

John_McClane165d ago

Actually I believe Xbox had most of those features before PlayStation.

babadivad165d ago

It's hilarious watching people justify getting ripped off...

Petebloodyonion165d ago

I'll agree that I'm happy that Sony is providing performance patches for free since, according to Cerney, it is a simple process but I still believe that charging for extra features that console can do is like when Sega is charging for extra difficulty and plus mode.

"3D audio is also something they implent which the competition doesn't have a 3D audio engine baked into the hardware. It's stuff that Microsoft DOESN'T HAVE in case the people in the back are still deaf.
Sorry to bust your bubble but Windows Sonic encoding just Dolby Atmso were on Serie X day 1. You have to pay a 15$ licence fee to Dolby to unlock the use (its a 1 time fee for all MS platform) and Window sonic has been around Microsoft platform since 2017.
And unlike Playstation 3d tempest that only work on headphone, both DO work on real 7.1 surround home theater systems.

TheGreatGazoo30164d ago

3D audio is a brand name. Xbox has spacial audio.

Gamer75164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

"Was that a sleight on PlayStation for charging $10 for duelsense feature, 3D audio and more?" Nah that's just you seeing something that isn't there because you think that when someone says something positive about xbox that it's somehow an attack on ps

Sayai jin164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

Does not look like a swipe at PS.
Why do yiu feel the need to rush in and defend a company. Anyways... Imagine that during the N64 days having to pay extra for a an classic game that featured the rumble feature. Wow.

Imalwaysright164d ago


You sure got defensive there and I immediately knew the reason why but I have to say that I wasn't expecting you to admit the reason why you got defensive. What wasn't surprising though, was seeing pathethically bending over to Sony and actually defending them but hey it's just a few more things to add to the all the other things that make this industry a consumer nightmare... right?

SurgicalMenace164d ago

I'm all for charging for things that take effort to make happen. The real question is, does MS even have the quality of service enough to charge extra? At this point, they had to create a service that doesn't require their "supporters" to actually purchase their games so how would they justify charging extra without being hypocrites?

Sony nor Nintendo have any reservations about charging what they know their products are worth and you see where they're both at. It's a confidence thing really....🤷🏾‍♂ ️

DJStotty164d ago


Geez, and xbox fans are the ones that are accused of "accepting anything xbox shoves at us", the difference is when they attempted a price hike for xbox live on xbox, we rebelled against it, seems like Sony fans are just rolling over and taking the price increases like a man..

redrum06164d ago

Bullshit, that's just being greedy.

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RaidenBlack165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Kinda curious what level of DX RT enhancement they've added.
Saw glimpses of RT reflections in the trailer.
And a bit of RT GI it seems?

165d ago
darthv72165d ago

What timing. I've had this downloaded from GP on my One X for a while now and only yesterday decided to give it a go. Interesting game with all the soft voices in the background. now I understand it when people suggest playing with headphones.

With this update, I can download it to my Series S and continue her journey with enriched visuals (yeah, that didn't sound like an ad)

Jin_Sakai164d ago

Looks nice. Does the game run at 60fps with Ray Tracing like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart? If not I’d rather play it with RT off.

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roadkillers165d ago

That's great! Hopefully I can find some time to enjoy. I never get time for games anymore.

RaidenBlack165d ago

Happens. Don't worry, bruv.
Hope, you'll soon be able to get some time to relax and enjoy.

4Sh0w165d ago

Yep my biggest problem these days....too busy, so I got to carefully pick n choose to maximize my little gametime.

LoveSpuds165d ago

Enjoyable enough game which was already a looker before getting these upgrades. I have to say, as someone who has the platinum trophy for this game, I thought it was honestly a little over rated as the gameplay was very repetitive in respect of both the combat and puzzles.


I tried it on Game Pass and it didn't "grab me" personally. I'll give it another shot at some point though.

wiz7191165d ago

The gameplay is repetitive but the story and the overall vibe is amazing

jznrpg165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

It was pretty good as a smaller AA game but was I think was overrated because of the subject matter . I think they should have kept it as a smaller AA game but they are trying to turn it into a AAA now . The story was good and graphics were nice but the gameplay was lacking

alb1899165d ago

Let's see what they can bring with a big budget. I'm all in!

SurgicalMenace164d ago

Just platinumed it recently, myself, but it took quite a bit more energy to play than I thought it would when I purchased it. Combat was more satisfying than the story. It wasn't as great as the media made it out to be, but decent none the less.

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Killer73nova165d ago

I'm going to have to reply this again and see the difference! Would like to see a 60fps mode with RT Like racket and clank.

Popsicle165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

I am curious to see if it will be running at 60fps with RT already. Bethesda was able to provide 60fps and RT with Doom and with Hellblade likewise being a last gen game I suspect it is possible. The Xbox One X Enhanced version runs at 4K and 60fps on the Series X already via BC because the game had both a performance and fidelity mode and was not locked at 30fps. In other words, if you play on fidelity mode the performance upgrades to 60fps naturally on the Series X even before the patch. I am excited to see the actual results of the optimization including performance with RT. Also love the free upgrades just wish I had more time to revisit more games.

CaptainHenry916165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

I'm surprised they had time to get this done when Hellblade sequel is still in Pre-production stage and early phase. The focus should be on the sequel now. Can't wait to play it in 2024-2025

King_Noctis165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

So you mean they don’t have enough team to develop 3 games at once (this, Hellblade 2, and Project Mira)? You mean this update took massive manpower?

I also have a link for you:

CaptainHenry916165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Ummm ok... I didn't say that you did.. I still expect Hellblade 2 to release in 2024-2025. It is what it is. By the way that article was published in January 21 and my article was published a month in a half ago

CaptainHenry916165d ago

We'll be waiting a long time to play Hellblade 2. But looking forward to it

Atom666165d ago

Why do you always feel the need to try to downplay Xb by talking about how games will not be coming out anytime soon?

It's almost a daily thing for you. It's really odd, and it's not as subtle as you might think.

But if you take them all as a whole, according to you, MS will be releasing a dozen huge titles in that 2024-25 time span. Hot damn, that sounds great!

CaptainHenry916165d ago

Atom6661h ago

"Why do you always feel the need to try to downplay Xb by talking about how games will not be coming out anytime soon?"

It's in your imagination. Just because I believe the game is ways out doesn't mean I'm downplaying XB🤔

Atom666165d ago

Maybe it's in my imagination.

Or maybe it's in your comment history. Should we take a look?

CaptainHenry916165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Go for it. My comment history is neutral on everything. I just state facts. I am not a fanboy

Atom666165d ago

Uh huh.

In that case, thanks for all the "facts!" Boy, that XB release pipeline is loaded!

Orchard165d ago

"Go for it. My comment history is neutral on everything. I just state facts. I am not a fanboy"


4Sh0w164d ago

haha.....Captain said he was neutral, wow.

Sayai jin164d ago

Man, you were already put on blast.

JustTheFax164d ago

They don't want microsoft to release any games, because then they lose their only talking point

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rob-GP165d ago

They didn't - the studio that ported the game to the Switch are the ones who did this update. NT had nothing to do with it according to their Twitter posts.

CaptainHenry916165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

That clears everything up then.

TheRealTedCruz164d ago

Would love to see what information you are basing your 3-4 year assessment off of, outside of simply wanting to perpetuate the "MS has no games" mentality, in the face of them having now dozens of studios working on new projects.

They're showing Senua 2 at the upcoming conference, and I'm not only expecting a release window, but one far earlier than what you're stating.

silkylove164d ago

This upgrade was done by an outside company. The same one that made the Switch port. Has no impact on Hellblade 2.

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