WRC 10 Honors Rally Legend With Colin McRae's Subaru Impreza

PP: Nacon and KT Racing have released a brand new gameplay trailer for WRC 10, featuring the iconic car of one of rally racing’s most memorable names: Colin McRae.

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Yi-Long79d ago

I don’t care thar much about the car, but those environments are looking very good.

metalgod8878d ago

Such an iconic car/driver combo. The track and environment looks awesome. I've loved their track design in 8 & 9, and very much looking forward to this game as well.

yeahokwhatever78d ago

i feel like there's a new wrc game every 4 months

Computersaysno78d ago

Better that than a helicopter I guess.

Too soon?

Bnet34367d ago

nah, just corny because you were using someones death as a joke and the joke was trash too.