Killzone 2 set to rock GDC.

It was rumored a few days ago, but now more sources are confirming that the highly-anticipated PlayStation 3 sequel to Guerilla Game's Killzone is to be officially unveiled at next month's GDC.

According to CVG the flagship Sony shooter will be shown in full glory at the San Francisco event, perhaps even in the form of a playable demo.

As well as its high price point, the PS3 (like most consoles) has faced criticism for a lack of really high profile, compelling games which make it a 'must buy' and the big reveal of Killzone 2 will also form the spearhead for a raft of new PS3 game announcements at the show, which Sony hope will drive PS3 sales through the roof during the European launch and beyond in the big lead up to the all- important Christmas 2007 market.

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kingboy5720d ago (Edited 5720d ago )

Lets Rock Baby! hope it gets clarified soon

DC RID3R5720d ago (Edited 5720d ago )

"show and prove". If the demo is anything less than AAA, then I predict hari-kiri for teh PS3 and it's legion of fans :]


OutpostCommand5720d ago

This is a gigantic chance for Sony to prove themselves.
If they show even the tinyest playable demo, however it looks just like that trailer, expect there to be a uproar of excitement.
Wow. I simply cannot wait until GDC.
But can someone tell GDC ? Just after E3 ?

DC RID3R5720d ago

march 9-15th :(

@nanometric: you must defeat sheng-long to stand a chance son!

MUHUAHAHAHA.................. .........................SHOGUN

kornbeaner5720d ago

IF the game looks anything close to resembling the E3 movie, all games that would've came before are gonna look ugly by comparsion, even gears of war will terrble in the shadow of this Monster game.
If the Demo or any part of it fails Sony will have not only shot themselves in the foot , but blasted off an entire leg.

Maldread5720d ago

You`re right. This needs to look very close to the CGI- if people are going to be impressed.

Still, i will say what i said in an the earlier article concerning this. It can look as good as it want. But it`s the gameplay which needs the most attention. It would be cool to see the in game though.

GaMr-5720d ago (Edited 5720d ago )

I dont KNOw just got this funny feeling that Sony is bout to knock everyone's socks off with this one. I just need everyone to understand there is a very good chance this game could be PS3's incarnation of the greatness of "Gears of War". Hate it or Love it you cannot rule out that fact. This is no 3 guys in there grandma's basement project. This is a full scale effort on Sony's end. Although the PS3 came out 2 months ago understand that Sony has been around for decades so im sure they know they need this to be good and have taken every measure to make that happen. "This is just how I would think if I was one of the biggest electronic manufacturers in the world.

@ DC Rider: lmfao @ Ryu victory quote. lol

DC RID3R5720d ago

my "Harlem Head-recliner" death move was my only option!

*on topic

Although I enjoyed Killzone1, compared to teh COGs, the Helgaust squad are a bit light-weight (imo).

Unless RICO is being fed some SERIOUS steroids, COGS > HELGAUST (like KFC) :]

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The story is too old to be commented.