Prince of Persia: Glitched or Poor Design?

If you're playing through Prince of Persia, perhaps you've noticed this: the game's tutorial is intrusive and appears to either be glitched or the result of poor design. Like many games, when you first begin the adventure, directions will when appropriate pop up on screen, telling you to, for example, "Press X to jump." Developers use these prompts as a way to teach new players how to play their game. However, usually they only appear on screen when you learn a new move or something. Prince of Persia's directions, though, don't work this way....

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Figboy3603d ago

Problem Solved. NEXT!

GrieverSoul3603d ago

lol @1

But not sure if that would help!
There are sections in the game where display messages are crucial! Do the hints turn them off as well?!

kewlkat0073603d ago

Some simple things were somewhat scripted...I didn't like that but that was part of the game design, which a lot of devs use now.

But yeah if you can turn it off, then just do so. Problem solved.

jaidek3603d ago

Yeah, it is definitely a weird design choice. I mean, I am a few hours in and it keeps telling me how to block and wall jump. Maybe the game thinks I suck. :)

Lord Xire3603d ago

Game is weird and good..hope they beef up the next one with a twisting story...


At least let Elikas shirt rip ONCE or something....the game was too easy and soft PoP smack an M on it and lets cut off some heads.

bumnut3603d ago

does this game use the assassins creed engine?

Nextil813603d ago

Yes, I believe it does.

badz1493603d ago

Ubi just use PoP name to make it sells. I like the old prince game better and Sand of time being the best of all! Damn Ubi, give me back the old original prince!

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The story is too old to be commented.