Techland Hears Fans Want a Dying Light Next-Gen Update, but Focus Is on Sequel & “Other Projects”

Techland knows fans are clamoring for a Dying Light next-gen update, but focus for now is on Dying Light 2 and "other projects,"

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excaliburps74d ago

Fans will need to wait a lot longer I guess.

sourOG74d ago

I’m not speaking for all fans just one fan. Sometimes remasters are a good idea imo. Stuff like mass effect, tony hawk, dead space. TLOU2 I don’t care about. God of war is one of my favorite games and I still haven’t tried the upgrade. It’s too soon imo. The only game where I upgraded after playing the PS4 version is MK11. So to clarify that’s why I’d much rather see them focus on dying light 2 instead of an upgrade. Especially with all of the delays and trouble it’s been through. I think they had a hard time get their dynamic world vision to work. And I’m not surprised because it didn’t sound easy. But focus on that is appreciated by me.

seanpitt2373d ago

This game has been in development hell for a couple of years… I am pretty sure they will be over the moon just to release the game, next gen ports will have to wait

KyRo73d ago

Dying Light doesn't need a remaster. I think a lot of us would have been just fine with the frame cap dropped so we can play higher than 30fps.

sourOG73d ago

Understandable and it’s not like they don’t support the game anymore. If anything I think they have done a pretty good job supporting DL.

But going in and touching up everything. Lost cause imo.

Darkborn74d ago

I'd prefer they continue to work on the sequel coming out in a few hopefully short months and all the content they will put on it. They still are releasing dying light content even this year I saw. That game released in like 2014 or 2015 I think. It's insane the amount of free and paid content they put out for dying light.

Nitrowolf274d ago

Yep, and they plan on having that same support for the sequel. Mad props to them tbh, a game that was essentially "complete" when it came out yet they kept doing everything they could to give back to the community.

dantesparda74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Next gen update, sh!t, I'd be a happy with just a frame rate unlock so we can get 60fps on PS5's back compat mode. I mean seriously how hard can that be. On a PC its literally like 'Y' or 'N' or a '1' or '2' on a line on a ini file. Come on Techland you can do it!

And to everyone saying not to waste the time on it cuz it would somehow effect DL2's development time. I call BS, it can literally be done in a matter of seconds. At worst maybe a few days to a week to QA it. I mean come on, that aint sh!t. Come on Techland, hook it up!

ocelot0774d ago

Yer the series S and X got a 60fps boost for this title but not ps5 witch is odd.

ajax1773d ago

The series S didn't get fps boost. Just the X.

dantesparda73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

That was a MS API system side thing where they trick the game through the refresh rate not a update/patch from Techland. sh!t, I wish Sony would do something like that. But Sony sucks at software, MS destroys them in that department.

isarai74d ago

Depends on how it's programmed, it's not always so easy. Many aspects of programming require a clock to refer to for updates to animations, ai, physics etc. Most times it's easier and more reliable to just tie those to framerate, so if they allow that to be unlocked they may have to go in a reprogram all of those to refresh differently or actually program a clock for it to refer to and change all those references to refer to that clock rather than framerate.

73d ago

Why don’t Playstation players demand that Sony hook them up with an FPS Boost feature similar to the competition? That way you don’t have to “wait” for a native upgrade from the developer.

isarai73d ago

Probably because it's really not the big of a deal 🤷‍♂️

73d ago
paulust200273d ago

It's not possible on ps5, by this method at least. but hey, this was impossible to do a year or so ago

Profchaos74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Does it need one it did release in the first year or so of the PS4 I didn't think it was significantly weaker than the PC back in the day.

Take that into consideration and the support this game received is incredible I can only think of a handful of other games that get that level of support and they are either MMO moneymakers, GTA or other games that encourage spending

Welshy73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

The fact it was practically a PS4 launch title is all the more reason I wouldn't mind a simple patch that unlocks the framerate and allows you to turn off motion blur. I don't really care about a full blown update a la Metro Exodus.

Being such an early game means PS5 would smash 60fps easily.

CrimsonWing6974d ago

I mean sequels are how it should be. I don’t want to play a “next-gen” upgrade of the same damn game every freaking console generation. Back in my day it was sequels and if you wanted to play the older games you went on a hunt to buy the game and the damn console to play it on.

Darkborn73d ago

Exactly. I don't want to play every game in existence on every console I own. I don't understand why people want backwards compat for ps1 and ps2 games. Just buy a ps1 or ps2 or if your like me, I own every system from back then. Like why have the devs and console makers waste time and money to make games work forever when they already do.

CrimsonWing6973d ago (Edited 73d ago )

Well, backwards compatibility I support. That’s just more of convenience feature. But with backwards compatibility it kind of makes Remasters from last-gen pointless. Just release a patch for better performance and hi-res textures like they did for games on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro and be done with it.

The only Remasters I think are worth supporting are ones from a few generations behind current gen, like Onimusha HD for example. Like, 2 gens from now, sure a remaster from this last-gen would be worth it, but I just don’t see the point in a constant remaster of a game from the previous generation, especially with backwards compatibility.

My main point was we used to just get sequels and there were no “Remasters”. I remember with the PS3 they did “Collections” where you got the entire trilogy of games like Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia with actual HD updates and trophy support and not at full price, which made sense since you’re coming off standard def and now you could platinum the games… and it was the entire collection, not individual releases to buy. God of War Collection was another good example and even then there were so few of these releases.

It wasn’t until last-gen where it just seemed like an easy cash grab and just constant releases of games you just played a year prior. You had Weird releases, too. Prototype 1 and 2 HD, Deadpool HD, Transformers War for Cybertron HD… it’s just like, why? Just play these on the console they were on if there’s no backwards compatibility and let’s actually get next-gen sequels to the IPs.

73d ago
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