Interview and exclusive information about Abandoned - Not quite a horror game

We were able to interview director Hassan Kahraman, whose game, which was announced last April, Abandoned.
Through this interview, it became clear to us that this project is indeed an interesting project, in terms of technical aspects, according to his words
Developer and Head of BlueBox Games Studio.
We will quote interesting excerpts from our interview with Hassan Kahraman.


Interview removed based on Hasan’s Request:

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Sonyslave3665d ago (Edited 665d ago )

Man it got to be metal gear solid.

Nvm i dont know what this game is after reading the interview but we need more new ip like this and that new horror torture souls what ever it call.

CaptainHenry916664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

Another remake incoming. This trend will continue unfortunately

SullysCigar663d ago

Yes, the trend will continue. It won't stop because you want it to.

Many want classic games reimagined or brought up to date for a new audience - or for passionate OG fans. Nobody's forcing you to buy it, so it's all good :)

BlaqMagiq1663d ago

Good I hope it continues. You don't like it? Don't buy it.

Vanfernal664d ago

I'm so over whatever this thing is supposed to be... At this point I think it's impossible it will live up to the hype.

Sunny_D663d ago

I mean He’s not wrong. The devs are using the Konami/Kojima connection to hype this game up. If they aren’t in anyway connected to Silent Hill/MGS, then it will only be their fault for dragging this along for so long.

EvertonFC663d ago

Yet you click all the links?

JackBNimble663d ago

As he has every right too.

Orchard664d ago

It's quite clearly a Silent Hill and MGS crossover.

CaptainHenry916664d ago (Edited 664d ago )

Blooper team is developing Silent Hill. This might just be MGS remake or an indie game

Viking_mo663d ago

Bloober team came out saying they're not working on Silent Hill

CaptainHenry916663d ago

You have the link and the source?

Vengeance1138663d ago

Bloober team is making 1 of the multiple Silent Hill games in development. Sony is making another.

Orchard663d ago

NOTE: I was obviously kidding :P That would be a terrible game.

Double_O_Revan663d ago

Not if it's a Psycho Mantis horror-like offshoot!! Lol

porkChop663d ago (Edited 663d ago )

Obviously not a crossover lmfao. But I think it's neither game. It's just an indie dev trying to create hype for their game because no one knows who the hell they are. This studio has been around since before MGS V. People who think this is a fake studio that Kojima fabricated to hide a new MGS or Silent Hill are delusional. Kojima already did that once with Moby Dick Studios and MGS V. He's not gonna pull the same trick again.

After everything that happened, Kojima and Konami will never work together again. Konami already has a partnership with Bloober Team to create new horror games. If they were going to make a new Silent Hill, it would be with Bloober. As for MGS, no way would Konami give that to some small indie dev that has zero experience making action games.

I don't understand how either of the supposed scenarios would make any logical sense.

leejohnson222663d ago

Maybe you didn't pay attention, I don't know what it is but it's so suspicious and it's hinted at quite a few things.
Soon see today

porkChop663d ago

I have been paying attention. I've seen them go in a million different directions, hint at multiple different franchises, use stock images to make people think of Snake, tons of backtracking, etc. It's amateur stuff.

Kojima's ruses have all been expertly planned and pulled off. Polar opposite of what we've been seeing with Abandoned. They're just drumming up hype for a game that would have gone mostly under the radar, and it's working. People are talking about this game everywhere.

CBaoth663d ago

Hopefully the Silent Hills reboot will be handled by the Japanese studio rumored to be working on it. I don't want SH to be 4 hour walking sim. It's humorous you expect a new SH to be developed by a mediocre AA indie dev but not MGS?! Obviously, at this point we can deduce Konami is only worried about their catalog's ROI (looks at latest Contra, yep). Mobile budgets for console games! Never count out Konami's greed...

Extermin8or3_663d ago

I mean he didn't have to create the studio he simply had to hire them...

TheOpenWorlder663d ago

The fact you got downvoted for simply spitting logic and facts...should tell us of the intellect here at N4G. This is why I hardly comment. Lol. Clowns.

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wheatley663d ago

It's an abandoned town in America with with a sect. Sounds very silent hill.

pietro1212663d ago

And countless other horror movies

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